N.Y. Real Property Law Journal

The N.Y. Real Property Law Journal is the official publication of the New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) Real Property Law Section, which “serves New York real property lawyers and the public, promotes the successful transaction of real estate business in New York State, and contributes to the sound development of real property law in New York State.” As part of its mission, the Section aims to “publish a high quality journal to keep section members informed of developments and the latest thinking in real property law.”

To this end, since the mid-1990s, students at St. John’s School of Law have provided editorial assistance to the N.Y. Real Property Law Journal. Each year, the student Editorial Board, in coordination with the Journal’s co-editors, prepares quarterly issues containing articles written by practitioners and law professors in the field. The articles address statutory, regulatory and administrative changes as well as New York common law. Topics include:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Zoning
  • Mortgage transactions and foreclosures
  • Leasing
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Cooperatives and condominiums

Section members receive print issues of the Journal by mail and can access issues online at the NYSBA website

In addition to their editorial work for the N.Y. Real Property Law Journal, the student Journal members produce Commentaries on N.Y. Real Property Law, a blog discussing and analyzing significant real estate-related legal issues, with special attention to current legislative and caselaw developments in New York. 

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N.Y. Real Property Law Journal
St. John’s School of Law
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439

Faculty Advisor
Robert J. Sein


Editorial Board


Volume 50

Tyler Mittleman

Nadia Balkaran
Helen Tuckman
Executive Managing Editors

Sara Leston
Michael Forlini
Kelly McNamee
Associate Managing Editors

Rory Buckley
Articles and Notes Editor

Ronald Reid
Articles and Notes Editor

Bida Chen
Articles and Notes Editor

Julianny Monegro Fermin
Articles and Notes Editor

Boris Myers
Articles and Notes Editor

Cassandra Gustafson
Charles McCracken
Spencer Luchs
Caitlin Maire
Kimberly Henry
Yujie Stulberg
Madison Siever
Carly Berntsen
Simcha Weisz

Daasebre Asante
Oscar Ayala-Cardozo
Thomas Bentvena
Ethan Cohen
Elizabeth D’Angelo
Alexandra Doulos
Naomi Egwakhide Oghuma
Myaysa Evans
Lauren Hade
Danielle Harrow
Robert Hitscherich
Leeal Kahen
Kara Lashley
Audrey Leighton
Noah Lindsay
Hazel Patel
Mark Persaud
George Pollack
Andro Salib
Philip Salmon
Dejon St. Rose Cuffy
Christopher St. Jeanos
Jaden Thornton
Stephanie Ulan
Jacqueline Urbinati

Robert J. Sein
Director, Mattone Family Institute for Real Estate Law