Notice of Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity

Job Postings at St. John's

Student and graduate employment and internship postings are immediately posted for students and graduates to access online. Employers who wish to post part-time, full-time, summer, paid or unpaid positions, including externships, for St. John’s University School of Law students or graduates should complete an Employment Opportunity Form (PDF) and return it to our Employment Services Coordinator at [email protected].

Participate in Recruitment Programs

St. John’s Fall Recruitment Program generally begins with an Early Interview Week on our Manhattan campus in mid-August. Employers may choose to interview that week or thereafter. As part of our services, we give employers the opportunity to review in advance the resumes of prospective summer and permanent associates, and to select those individuals with whom they wish to meet. The resumes of interested students are forwarded to employers prior to the date of their visit. Employers are asked to select up to twenty students per schedule as well as several alternates. We can accommodate multiple schedules in a single day or schedules spread over a period of days.  After Early Interview Week, interviews will take place at the School of Law in Queens, NY. Refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided. If the employer desires, a Hospitality Suite can also be provided for informal meetings with students before or after their interviews.

The Spring OCI Program follows the same logistics as the Fall OCI Program, but runs from February through April. Employers that wish to participate in either the Fall OCI Program or the Spring OCI Program should complete a Recruitment Registration Form (PDF) and return it to [email protected]. Employers may register online if they are Symplicity members.

Employers that cannot participate in the Fall or Spring On-Campus Interview Programs, but would like to receive resumes of St. John’s students for their summer or first year associate programs, should also complete the Recruitment Registration Form (PDF), and return the form to [email protected].