New York International Law Review

The New York International Law Review is a publication of the International Law and Practice Section of the New York State Bar Association. Each year, the student editorial board and the editorial board of the Bar Association prepare two issues of the publication presenting a variety of articles written by professors and practitioners. Focusing on current issues of international concern, the New York International Law Review offers readers an assortment of articles on topics such as intellectual property, immigration, trade, and international human rights. The New York International Law Review also provides students with an excellent forum to publish their own articles and review of recent decisions. To be eligible for membership, students must complete the writing competition held at the end of first-year day and second-year evening programs. The selection process is competitive and evaluates all aspects of a student’s performance including GPA, writing competition scores and blue book examination grades.

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New York International Law Review
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Faculty Advisor
Professor Margaret McGuinness