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Semester Programs

An Amazing Semester, Living and Learning Abroad

St. John’s University has several distinctive semester-long programs for you to choose from. Experience an academic adventure of a lifetime, while staying on track for graduation though enrolling in one of our general semester programs or major-specific programs. Further, as a Vincentian school, we include service learning opportunities in each location, which allow students to gain a deeper understanding of their host country while giving back to their community.

All Semester Programs fill on a rolling basis and often reach capacity before the suggested application deadline – so please apply early!  And don't forget to add a minor into your degree to better enhance your academic resume.  For more information, click on Academic and Cultural Advantages!

Semester Programs Offered

Experience firsthand the magical city that has inspired poets and revolutionaries alike throughout the centuries!  Paris has long been and continues to be a cultural and socio-political epicenter of Western Europe.

The St. John's Semester in Paris program is available fall or spring to all students with a major-specific options for Biology and Chemistry majors in the fall program.

For Bio/Chem Majors (Fall semesters only)

Imagine a STEM program in one of Europe’s scientific and philosophical capitals, with activities and tours designed especially for your field!  Enroll in 2 biology electives, French language and CORE offerings, and visit some of the most historic centers of research.

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Make Rome “home” for the semester and immerse yourself in Italian culture, language and history, and gain cultural competencies that will carry forward into your academic and professional future!

The St. John's Semester in Rome program is available fall or spring to all students with major-specific options below.

For Education Majors (Spring only)

Gain international experience and hone your teaching skills while studying and completing fieldwork in Rome.  Immerse yourself in a global educational experience and set yourself apart with global competencies.

For Psychology Majors (Fall only)

Live for a semester in the heart of Italy, with courses in Health Psychology and Child and Adolescent Psychopathology… with special program events and internships in the field for students with intermediate Italian language skills.

For more information or to start an application, visit the online brochure for St. John's Semester in Rome.


St. John's signature three-country program!

Designed as a core-focused, modular opportunity with 5-week study experiences in Rome, Paris, and Limerick, the WES program asks students to consider the countries that comprise the program through the common lens of migration.

The Western Europe Semester program is available fall or spring to all students with a major-specific options for Tobin majors in the fall and Pharmacy majors in the spring. 

For Tobin majors (Fall only): Corner the market in your field with a three-country program offering courses in EconomicsManagement and International Business, along with a range of Core requirements and thematic co-curricular activities!

For Pharmacy majors (Spring only): St. John’s signature three-country program has been re-designed for 2nd-year Pharmacy majors, offering a unique opportunity to study in Paris, Rome, and Limerick… and stay on track for graduation.

For more information and to start your application, please visit the Western Europe Semester brochure or the Western Europe Pharmacy brochure online.

St. John’s University is proud to partner with some of the most prestigious institutions in the world that offer access to academically rigorous courses, research opportunities, and distinguished faculty. Explore your major through a different cultural lens while staying on track toward graduation and gaining a global edge in your profession. 

For more information on the opportunity to study in England, Japan, Sweden, Colombia or one of a number of other countries, please visit OIE's Outbound Exchange Programs page.