Nicholas Plakoris

Marketing and Media Professional
Automotive Industry Analyst/Adjunct Professor

Nick Plakoris is a media executive, automotive analyst and adjunct professor of marketing at two N.Y. area universities.

As a former Executive Director for Time Inc., Nick was responsible for the overall management and positioning of category and multi-media integration for Time Inc. brands such as People, Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, and InStyle.

Nick spent almost 35 years at Time Inc.  He is a research professional with an expertise in print, digital, mobile and television and has worked with Time Warner management in developing advertising programs for clients and their agencies.

Nick has contributed to the development of advertising effectiveness studies demonstrating the contribution of magazines to the overall media buy and with changing consumer preferences in media consumption and has been involved in tracking audience and circulation shifts in the marketplace.  He is also involved
in forecasting consumer and advertising trends as it relates to media consumption.

In addition, he is a well known automotive industry analyst and co-author of the Automotive Purchase Process study.  Representing Time Inc., Nick has spoken at a number of industry gatherings and events including the ARF, MPA,NADA, Adcraft Club, Client offsites and was the featured speaker at the Time Inc. Automotive Conference in Detroit and Los Angeles.  He has also developed numerous studies in the category, worked on automotive research projects with J.D. Power and has been quoted in the industry press.

He recently has consulted with organizations such as Time Warner, JD Power, Acxiom and Martini Media.

Nick has taught Marketing at Rutgers University and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at St. John’s University and the Fashion Institute of Technology.  He teaches a course in Integrated Advertising Communications which provides a perspective of today’s multiplatform media, as well as courses in fundamentals of market research and advertising media planning.

He is a graduate of St. John’s and holds a BS in Communication Arts and an MBA in Marketing.  He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the College of Professional Studies at the University and a 2017 recipient of the CPS Distinguished Alumni Award.