Student Organizations

2020-2021 Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rajesh Nayak

Judy Lee, President  ([email protected]edu)
Noor Khawaja, President-Elect  ([email protected])

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vivek Gupta

Siddhant Palekar, Chair ([email protected])
Suyash Patel, Chair-elect ([email protected]

American Pharmacy Association- Academy of Student Pharmacist ( APhA-ASP)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Bhuiyan

Amisha Jaimon, President  ([email protected])
Rachel Seong, President-Elect  ([email protected])

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Judith Beizer

Christina Rivera, President  ([email protected])
Frances Dela Cruz, President-Elect  ([email protected])

College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacist (CPNP)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Farrah Khorassani

Ivonna Reda, President  ([email protected])
Khushbu Doshi, Vice President ([email protected])

Drug Information Association (DIA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Maha Saad

Mustafa Syed, President  ([email protected])
Michelle Chin, Vice President ([email protected])

Industrial Pharmacy Organization

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Somnath Pal

Lexie Villariasa, President  ([email protected])
Susan Chen, President-Elect ([email protected])

International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wenchen Wu

Uzma Pathan, President ([email protected])
Young Shin, Vice President ([email protected])

Kappa Psi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. William Maidhof

Isaac Abrams, Regent (President)  ([email protected])
Hala Hassan, Vice Regent (Vice President)  ([email protected])

Lambda Kappa Sigma

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Damary Torres

Jamie L. Ringpis, President  ([email protected])
Ashley Dao, Vice President  ([email protected])

National Chain Pharmacy Association (NCPA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wenchen Wu

Daniel Levin, President  ([email protected])
Antonio Ortega, President-Elect  ([email protected])

Phi Delta Chi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joseph V. Etzel

Peter Chung, President  ([email protected])
Kevin Kim, Vice President  ([email protected])

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Olga Hilas 

Joseph DiPaola, President  ([email protected])
Benjamin Behrend, Vice President  ([email protected])

Physician Assistant Student Organization

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sandra Beysolow and Prof. Alyssa Quinlan

Radiologic Sciences Student Organization 

Faculty Advisor: Professor Mary Jo Perry

Kleanthis Plakas, President  ([email protected])
Angelina Smith, Vice President  ([email protected])

Rho Chi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joseph Etzel

Tolulupe Omisakin, President  ([email protected])
Daniya Mathew, Vice President ([email protected])

Student College of Clinical Pharmacy  (SCCP)

Faculty Advisor: Sharon See

Angel Liu, President  ([email protected])
Erica Tonti, President- Elect ([email protected])

Student Pharmacist Society of the State of New York (SPSSNY)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emily Ambizas

Khaled Abdelrahman, President  ([email protected])
Mohamed Gewida, President- Elect  ([email protected])

Student Society of Health System Pharmacy (SSHP)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chung-Shien Lee and Dr. Kimberly Ng

Alexandra Ilsey, President  ([email protected])
Abonee Hossain, President-Elect ([email protected])

Student Society of Pediatric Pharmacy (SSPP)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gladys El-Chaar

Elizabeth Rochon, President  ([email protected])
Vassilia Plakas, President  ([email protected])

Tau Omega Chi

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diane Hardej

Joanna Pawlina, President  ([email protected])
Emily Pagano, Vice President  ([email protected])