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Success Stories

John Pohopin ’19CPS
“In law enforcement, I can help prevent what I experienced growing up from happening to others.”
Vikas V. Dukhande, Ph.D.
“This grant will greatly enhance the department’s research environment and profile, and students will benefit from participating in an NIH-funded project.”
Maimuna Gassama

Gassama first heard about the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program in her first year at St. John’...

Malisa Heard ’18C
“Go after what you want without worrying too much about the obstacles,” Malisa advised. “Barriers will come down if you are tenacious enough.”
Jasjit Kaur Multani and Professor Hochstein
Jasjit Kaur Multani, M.P.H., M.L.S.(ASCP)CM, ’12P prefers to learn by doing. As a result, when she was reviewing potential college programs, the practical aspects of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences attracted her attention.
Olivia Hervey
“I have never encountered as many goal-oriented individuals as I have at this University. It’s an inspiration to be around them because so many want to make a difference.”
Teagan Sweet and Evelyn (Eve) Austin
“Service is one of my major passions,” she said. “In the future, I hope to perform research in chemistry that touches people’s lives. Research is just one way I love to help people.”
Alexander de Rege
When Government and Politics major Alexander de Rege began his internship with Assemblymember Brian Barnwell (30th Assembly District), he quickly realized that he was taking his first steps toward a career in law and government.
Jonna Scopellito

Jonna Scopellito picked up her first musical instrument when she was nine years old and has been adding to her repertoire ever since. The singer-songwriter recently completed a summer internship...

Mark Hanna

Even though Mark Hanna comes from a family of healthcare professionals, it was a unique set of circumstances at a job in high school that put him on a path toward a career in the pharmacy industry...

Alicia Villafana
“I decided to study abroad because I wanted to take advantage of the amazing opportunities St. John’s makes available to us. I wanted to explore the world and appreciate all it has to offer. Through this experience, I adopted a more open-minded, global perspective.”
Maeve Dwyer '18G
Library and Information Science alumna Maeve Dwyer ‘18G found that her preparation at St. John’s University led her to a career path she wouldn’t have been able to predict when she started.