Overcoming Obstacles: Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS is a Rising Star in Hospitality Management

Despite facing challenges posed by an autoimmune condition, Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS, a soon-to-be double alumna of St. John’s, found unwavering support from the University. This fostered her growth as a Hospitality Management undergraduate, and later, as a graduate student and rising star in the hospitality industry.

Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS

“The professors genuinely care about us and go out of their way to prepare us for the future,” she said. “They use their network to help us discover opportunities that most students wouldn’t know about.”

Alicia Furnari ’23CCPS
  • BS in Hospitality Management
  • MS in Hospitality Management
  • The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies