St. John's Law Partners With BARBRI for Bar Passage Success

St. John's Law and BarBri partner for student success
November 4, 2019

Last month, thousands of New York State bar exam takers took a deep breath and went to their inbox. Afterwards, St. John’s Law graduates had a lot  to celebrate, with 89% of them passing the bar on the first try. That pass rate was a two-point increase over last year’s, and once again put St. John’s three points above the state-wide bar pass average.

"St. John's Law has a long tradition of success on the bar exam, and our current 'ultimate' two-year pass rate is 96%," says Dean Michael A. Simons. “Bar passage is one of our key educational outcomes, and our students’ success reflects an all-hands approach at the Law School, including dedicated bar preparation faculty, coursework, and academic support.”

To build on this strong foundation, St. John’s Law is partnering with bar review leader BARBRI to offer students automatic access to BARBRI's bar review and other critical academic success resources as part of their law school curriculum. “Our partnership with BARBRI will allow us to seamlessly integrate a wide variety of enhanced resources into our already robust academic success program," Dean Simons says.

Current students will benefit from study aids, formative assessments, MPRE preparation, bar review materials access, and more. Future incoming classes will have the bar review course automatically included within their tuition. The partnership also provides St. John's faculty, administration, and students with access to unique analytics to maximize teaching and student performance.

"BARBRI and St. John's share the common goal of fostering law student success and developing career-ready professionals," says BARBRI President Mike Sims. "Our collaboration is centered on solutions that deliver key insights and learnings to the faculty and administration, as well as the knowledge for students themselves to succeed. St. John's Law leadership has a well-deserved reputation for its student success, and we're excited to take part of raising that to the next level."