Timing is Everything for Graduating Senior Ryan Vent

Ryan Vent

Business Analytics major Ryan Vent (left) welcoming accepted students to campus as an Admissions Ambassador.

April 19, 2021

When college seniors receive job offers, they typically enter the workforce shortly after commencement. When Business Analytics major Ryan Vent was offered his dream job in the middle of his senior year, he did what any ambitious jobseeker would do—he jumped at the opportunity and began right away. 

“I had applied for a position as a Data Visualization Analyst at The NPD Group, Inc. (NPD) this past fall,” he explained. Having been employed as a student worker at University Career Services at The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, Ryan knew the importance of networking, so he made the effort to meet people affiliated with the company. “I reached out to an alumnus who works there, as well as a recruiter, and fortunately I landed an interview.”

While Ryan was confident in his abilities, résumé, and interview skills, he was unsure about his chances of securing this plum position. He soon realized that his doubts were unfounded—he not only landed the job but was given a December 2020 start date.

The native of Bridgeville, PA, gladly accepted and has been both a full-time student and a full-time professional for more than four months.

“Since my classes are remote, I have been able to work for NPD from home, while continuing my studies at St. John’s online at night and on weekends,” he said. “I work each day until five. I take virtual classes Monday through Wednesday from 6:40 to 9:30 p.m. I have one asynchronous class that I complete over the weekend.”

While his schedule is quite full, he still finds time to get outside for fresh air and exercise. “In between work and classes, I try to go on a run every day since I sit for hours on end,” he said. “Luckily, I have my family around, and they are super supportive and help me balance this crazy schedule.”

Once finals are over, Ryan will leave home and move to Chicago, IL, to work at NPD’s offices beginning in July.

“St. John’s has done so much to prepare me for my career path,” he explained.

“I am someone who does not like to be bored and would rather be insanely busy and involved. I have learned to balance multiple activities, work, and classes. It certainly made the transition to my current situation a smooth one.”

Looking back, Ryan notes that he was initially drawn to St. John’s because of the outstanding reputation of the Tobin College. “When I first walked into Tobin on my initial campus visit, I knew that it was going to be my home for the next four years,” he explained. “I love exploring, so being close to Manhattan was also a huge factor when choosing a college.”

Vincentian service was also an important part of his St. John’s experience. “During my freshman year, I got heavily involved with Campus Ministry and went on several Midnight Runs my first semester,” he recalled. “Inspired by those experiences, I participated in Relay For Life and went on service plunges to Denver, CO; St. Louis, MO; and Orlando FL.”

With his final semester as a student winding down, Ryan is happy to offer advice to current and future Johnnies. “Developing yourself personally and professionally doesn’t just come from studying or working hard,” he said. “It comes from all of those outside activities, hobbies, and service opportunities that help you become the best version of yourself.”