Sport Management Professor Honored for Winning the SRLA 2021 Lori K. Miller Young Professional Award

Sungwon Kim, Ph.D.
February 22, 2021

Sungwon Kim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Division of Sport Management, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies, was recently honored by the Sport and Recreation Law Association (SRLA) with the 2021 Lori K. Miller SRLA Young Professional Award for his commitment to the study and instruction of the legal aspects of sport and recreation.

Dr. Kim’s general research focuses on law and policy issues in sport, with a particular emphasis on risk management and injury prevention. His most recent research was published in leading peer-reviewed journals.

“Dr. Kim has undertaken an ambitious agenda of research, teaching, and service activities,” said David P. Hedlund, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chairperson, Division of Sport Management. “While he is indeed in the early stages of his career, many of his activities, notably some of his vital research on concussion legislation and parents’ attitudes and perceptions about concussions in youth sports, are of significant importance to families, policymakers, governing bodies, and society at large. Our students are extremely fortunate to be able to learn from and work with Dr. Kim.”

The SRLA award recognizes a young professional who demonstrates commitment to the study and instruction of the legal aspects of sport and recreation, service to the field and SRLA, as well as the potential for future growth and excellence in those same areas. The SRLA aims to further the study and dissemination of information regarding the legal aspects of sport and recreation within both the public and private sectors.