150 Reasons to Love St. John’s: Academic Opportunities

Faculty Teaching in Classroom in front of Whiteboard

While the college experience certainly has its fun times, learning is the ultimate goal. Fortunately, St. John’s University is an academic force, offering more than 100 rigorous programs. No matter which direction you choose, at St. John’s you’ll find a diverse, dynamic, and supportive environment focused on your success.

Reason 104

State-of-the-art labs and facilities. Explore our Homeland Security Lab, the IDEA Lab, and our Anatomage virtual dissection table—and discover a world of innovation.

Reason 105    

Small classes (with a 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio) mean a huge opportunity to connect with professors.

Reason 106    

St. John’s scholars find success in every field.  

Reason 107

Strength in our numbers. Take a look at the Points of Pride page for a few of our latest rankings.   

Reason 108

Collaborate with students and faculty from across campus and around the globe.

Reason 109

Enrich your experience at St. John’s by attending an academic lecture. Each year, the University hosts a wide range of lectures and symposiums, on topics as diverse as bioluminescent jellyfish, The Autistic Brain, and social justice

Pitch Johnny 2019

Reason 110

Friendly competition for budding entrepreneurs. Each year, we host “Pitch Johnny,” a “Shark Tank” –style competition where students pitch their business ideas to industry professionals and faculty.

Reason 111

Classes that give some food for thought. For example, in Taco Literacy, students explore immigrant foodways throughout the borough of Queens.

Reason 112

The opportunity to work with faculty on meaningful research.