Policy 712 - Reporting Student Crisis Situations

Section: Employee Relations
Policy Number: 712
Responsible Office: HR/Equal Opportunity and Compliance
Effective Date: 11/1/07
Revised: 8/31/10; 3/20/12; 4/4/13; 10/8/20; 5/25/22


All employees of the University, including staff, administrators and faculty.


St. John’s University intends to maintain a safe environment for all students, employees and visitors to our campuses. In order to best be able to get appropriate resources to anyone in our community who needs assistance, the administration needs to know about occurrences of crimes or other crisis-related situations which could be injurious to one’s health or safety or the safety of the entire community.


Every member of the faculty, administration and staff of St. John’s University, acting in his or her capacity as an employee of the University, is obligated to immediately report any incident of sexual assault against any student member of the University community upon learning of the incident. Moreover, every member of the faculty, administration and staff is similarly obligated to report any incident of dating violence, domestic violence or stalking against any student member of the University community upon learning of the incident. Even when a student requests confidentiality of the incident, the employee has a responsibility to report it according to the reporting structure described below.

It is further the responsibility of every member of the faculty, administration and staff of the University to immediately report other student crisis situations that he or she may learn of to University officials. Examples of such student crisis situations would include, but are not limited to, a suicide attempt or thoughts of suicide, immediate or serious threat to a student’s safety or the safety of others, self-starvation of a life-threatening nature, and other health related emergencies or involuntary confinement to a hospital or health facility. The reporting structure is described below.

Reporting Structure

When the student situation is a crisis, but no imminent danger exists, report it to:

  • Jackie Lochrie, Associate Dean for Student Services, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs, Peter J. Tobin College of Business, Garden Level-Judiciary Suite-17C, (718) 990-6568, [email protected].
  • St. John's Department of Public Safety, Public Safety Emergency Hotline: (718) 990-5252 or if on campus Ext. 5252.
    • Campus Public Safety
      • Queens campus, ROTC Building: (718) 990-6281
      • Staten island campus, Spellman Hall, Room 116: (718) 390-4487(8)
      • Manhattan campus, Front Desk: (212) 277-5155
    • Global Sites Local Police and Emergency Assistance - Call 112
      • Rome, Italy, Security Desk: +39-06-393-84299
      • Paris, France, Security Desk: +33-(0)-1-7745-8901
      • Limerick, Ireland, director of international office, Mary Immaculate College: (011) 353-61774787, (011) 353-860428088 (cell)

When a student is in imminent danger, call 911 and Public Safety directly from any campus phone, before following the reporting structure provided. The Department of Public Safety can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Related Student Resources for Non-Emergency Situations

University OfficeQueens CampusStaten Island CampusManhattan Campus
Campus Ministry(718) 990-6255(718) 390-4473/4475(Queens) ext. 6255
Center for Counseling
and Consultation
(718) 990-6384
After hours helpline:
(718) 990-6352
(718) 390-4451(Queens) ext. 6384
Health Services(718) 990-6360(718) 390-4447(Queens) ext. 6360
Student Wellness(718) 990-8048(718) 390-4447(Queens) ext. 8048

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