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Policy 707 - Sexual Abuse of Minors

Section: Employee Relations
Policy Number: 707
Responsible Office: Public Safety
Effective Date: 10/01/02
Revised: 01/10/12


This policy applies to all employees of the University.


Minor: For the purpose of this policy, a minor is any person under the age of 18.
Employees of the University: For the purpose of this policy, employees of the University include all full time and adjunct faculty members as well as full time and part-time administrators and staff.

Policy Statement

Any allegation of criminal sexual abuse of a minor that is brought to the attention of any employee of the University must be reported. Ordinarily, such reports should be made to the Department of Public Safety and it is the University policy to immediately report any such allegations to local law enforcement authorities through the Office of the General Counsel. This includes any allegation of criminal sexual abuse of a minor that 1) Occurs on a St. John’s campus; or 2) Is committed by an employee of the University. The University will inform the child victim and/or informant that the allegation has been forwarded on his/her behalf and that such notification is mandatory.

The University will cooperate fully with the victim and law enforcement authorities in the investigation of such matters and take any actions that are deemed appropriate and necessary.

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