The Office of Student Conduct strive to address unacceptable and inappropriate behavior in a manner that informs students and guides them toward a greater understanding of the University mission, personal accountability, responsible decision-making, and the personal and professional expectations of our graduates once they leave our community.

Academic Misconduct

See Academic Honor Pledge for more information.

Alcohol Policy

See Alcohol in the Student Code of Conduct.

Demonstration Policy

See Policy 1008 - Demonstration Policy. St. John's Community members wishing to organize a demonstration on University property must submit the Demonstration Request Form for review by the Dean of Students to ensure compliance with all University policies and expectations regarding behavior and safety no less than three (3) business days prior to a planned demonstration.

Discrimination and Harassment

See Policy 704 - Policy Against Bias, Discrimination, and Harassment.

Drug Policy

See Drugs in the Student Code of Conduct.

Guest Policy

Visitation and Housing Guests

Guests are a privilege at St. John’s. Please refer to the following policy regarding guest visitation procedures.

All St. John’s students must use their StormCards as the primary means of identification. A defective StormCard must be replaced to maintain privileges regarding visitation.

Daytime Visitation

Visitation hours for St. John’s students are 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. daily.

Visitation hours for non-St. John’s individuals are 7 a.m. to midnight daily.

Hosts are allowed to sign in up to two daytime guests at any point during normal visitation hours.

Visitation Procedures

St. John’s Students: In the residence halls, a daytime visitor will hand his/her StormCard to the Resident Safety Monitor who will verify status and allow entry with host. Upon leaving the building, the guest will hand his/her StormCard to the Resident Safety Monitor, who will complete the visit by signing the guest out of the building. StormCards are never left at the desk.

Overnight Guests: Resident hosts are allowed to host overnight guests (same gender as host) 20 times per academic semester. Hosts may register no more than three overnight guests in a seven-day period. Guests may be registered as overnight visitors no more than three times in a seven-day period. Guests must abide by the Residence Hall visitation policy. Those not registered online are not allowed overnight guest privileges.

All overnight guests must be registered with the Public Safety by 9 p.m. the night the guest wishes to stay. The host must use the online guest registration form on the St. John's Connect app (Resources > Residence Life > Overnight Guest Registration).

Hazing Policy

See Hazing in the Student Code of Conduct.

Policy Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

See Policy Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and Related Complaint Procedures in the Student Handbook.

Residence Hall Policies

See Residence Life Handbook for more information, available from Residence Life.

Sexual Assault

See Sexual Assault: You Are Not Alone for information for survivors of sexual assault and reporting rights.

Student Handbook

See Student Handbook for more information, available from the Division of Student Affairs.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

See Sexual Misconduct in the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Privacy (FERPA)

See Student Records Access & Confidentiality (FERPA) for complete information.