Report a Concern

Any member of the University community may report a concern.

Reports can be filed with Public Safety at any time by calling 718-990-5252 or by visiting their office in the Public Safety Command Center next to Gate 6. Reports from individuals outside of the University regarding St. John’s-affiliated persons may also be filed with Public Safety.

For more information, please visit Public Safety.

In nonemergency situations, you may use the confidential tip line at 718-RED-SAFE (718-733-7233).

Students of Concern

The Students of Concern Committee (SCC) is managed by the Dean of Students and comprised of individuals from the across the University who are dedicated to the academic success and personal development of our students. The SCC is focused on intervention and assistance for those who need additional support or who experience personal, academic, emotional, physical/mental health, or behavioral obstacles to their success.

Any member of the community who has knowledge of a student of concern may submit a report the SCC. You may always consult with the Dean of Students Office by calling 718-990-6568. To get started, please visit Student of Concern Report (this reporting form is not an emergency hotline or service).

The SCC does not serve as a crisis response team, nor does it replace faculty classroom management, and/or Public Safety’s response to an incident. Emergencies must be reported to Public Safety at 718-990-5252.

Sexual Misconduct Issues

For complete assistance on sexual assault including reporting options, helping survivors, and more, please visit Sexual Assault: You Are Not Alone.

Residential Issues

Residential students may file reports with Residence Life staff (your RA or RD). For contact information, please visit Residence Life.

Bias and Discrimination

You can share or report experiences or concerns to the University regarding incidents of bias, discrimination, harassment and/or microaggressions within the University community by completing the form at

Hazing Related Incidents

Any member of the University community with knowledge of any hazing related behaviors are expected to report such incidents immediately to preserve the safety and dignity of all students. Non-St. John's individuals may also submit reports related to hazing concerns.

All reports are reviewed by the Office of Student Conduct.