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Students Currently Abroad

Students Currently Abroad

Course descriptions

View course descriptions and syllabi for all of the Study Abroad courses offered at our European campuses by visiting the individual program pages online and scrolling down to the Academics section. If you would like to add or drop any of your courses, see below.  If you have any questions regarding the courses that have been approved for your time abroad, please feel free to contact our office via email or at 718-990-6105.

Academic calendars

The academic calendars for Study Abroad programs are different from the calendar for the New York campuses. Please make sure that you are using the appropriate academic calendar for your program before making any travel plans for you or your family. The academic calendars for our European campuses are located here. For short-term and summer programs, academic calendars are available on the individual program brochures online.  


Students are responsible for their own course materials, except where course readers are provided.  Book Lists for our European semester programs are posted to students OIE portals. 

Making changes to your current registration

If you would like to make changes to your registration once you are abroad, you may process course changes directly through UIS during the New York Add/Drop period at the beginning of each semester. After the initial Add/Drop period at the beginning of the semester, if you wish to make any changes to your Module 2 or 3 courses, or apply for pass/fail or late withdrawals, you must complete an OIE Registration Change Request Form. If you are changing to a course that was already approved by your advising dean as part of your application, you simply need to complete the form and forward it to the OIE Registration Team.  We'd be happy to process the change for you. If you are selecting new courses, however, that were not part of your original application for study abroad, you will need to send the form to both your advising dean and to the OIE Registration Team. This form also allows you to request academic approval for the pass/fail option. Please be sure to reference your program's academic calendar for all the important deadlines for add/drop, withdrawal and applying for pass/fail. To find your academic advisor, refer to this list of Advising Deans.  

Visiting students will also need to complete an OIE Registration Change Request Form and forward the completed form to their home institution's Study Abroad Office and/or Academic Advisor and copy [email protected].

*As a reminder, all students in semester programs abroad are required to enroll in at least 12 credits to maintain full-time status. Three of your courses (or 9 credits) must be taken in-person abroad, and you must be in at least one course throughout the entire semester; students in the Western Europe programs are required to register for at least one course in each country. Beyond those three in-person course, you are welcome to select other in-person or online courses, being sure that all of your selected courses have your advising dean's approval and work for your curriculum.

International Health Insurance

Click here for the 2023 CHUBB international health insurance coverage brochure to learn more about how you are covered while studying abroad. Additionally, you can find here the AXA Travel Eye Portal App Download instructions provided by CHUBB.