Faculty Research Presentations

July 27, 2016

Yang, J., Mandracchia, M., and Miller, P.M. (2016, April). School Culture and School Context Variables Predict High School Graduation Rates in Urban Schools. Paper presented at the 2016 Annual American Education Research Association Conference, in Washington, D.C., April 8-12.

Drs. Yang, Mandracchia, and Miller presented at a roundtable during the annual AERA Conference. The presentation focused on what demographic variables and school culture and context variables influenced high school graduation rates. Two demographic variables contributed significantly to the variance in graduation rate, 6.9 percent for the percentage of ELL students, and 2.2 percent for the percentage of disabled students (all p values < .001). Student attendance contributed 10.1 percent of the variance, while teacher attendance had a much smaller contribution at 0.6 percent. The percentage of respondents satisfied with school culture accounted for 0.8 percent of the variance in graduation rate. This indicates that 78.6 percent of the variance in graduation rate is accounted for by these variables.