The Division of Mass Communication encompasses a broad range of degree programs in the theoretical, research, creative, and business fields of the mass media.

St. John’s University Bachelor degree programs in the Division of Mass Communications include Advertising Communication, Communication Arts, Journalism, Public Relations, Game Development and Emerging Media, and Television and Film. Master degrees include M.S in International Communication, M.S. in Integrated Advertising Communications, and Doctoral studies include Ph.D. in Multi-Sector Communication.

From its New York City campuses, the Division of Mass Communication draws on the vast resources of the media capital of the world for faculty, internships, practicums, field trips, research opportunities, and guest speakers. In turn, the Division of Mass Communication successfully sends its graduates out into jobs in New York City, across the United States, and around the globe, in all areas of the mass media.

An extensive array of specialized courses are offered in all of the degree programs, as well as multiple introductory and intermediate level courses. The Division of Mass Communication encourages cross-discipline education in mass media in all its degree programs.

The Division sponsors several co-curricular student clubs, of which it is very proud: WRED-TV, the student-run and student-produced television production unit; WSJU Radio, the student-run and student-produced radio station; the Film Society, the student-run and student-produced film production unit; the Advertising Club, the student-run and student-produced ad group, called Category 5; and the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, the student-run, scholarly research group.

The Division of Mass Communication graciously receives ongoing advisement and support from its Advisory Council, composed of leading executives and creators from the radio, television, motion picture, internet, advertising and public relations industries.


Students learn from an outstanding faculty with extensive professional experience. The advertising communication faculty includes an advertising executive with 5 Clios (the highest award in creativity) and 6 Effies (the highest award in marketing), an Emmy-winning television writer/director, a nationally recognized media graphics professional, a noted author, and an editor for The New York Times.

The faculty of the Division of Mass Communication come into class with extensive professional experience, as practitioners in their fields and as scholars, but they are dedicated to student learning first and foremost.

Department Contacts

Basilio G. Monteiro, Ph.D.
Chair, Division of Mass Communication
Director, Graduate Program in International Communication.
Queens Campus
[email protected]

Alla Baeva
Director, Film & Television
Queens Campus
[email protected]

Nancy DiTunnariello, Ph.D.
Director, Mass Communication
Staten Island Campus
[email protected]

Tiffany L. Mohr, Ph.D.
Director, Public Relations
Queens Campus
[email protected]

Michael Rizzo
Director, Journalism
Queens Campus
[email protected]

Candice D. Roberts, Ph.D.
Director, Communication Arts
Queens Campus
[email protected]

John A. Swan, Jr.
Director, Advertising Communication
Queens Campus
[email protected]

Neil Feinstein 
Director, Graduate Program, Integrated Advertising Communication 
Queens Campus
(718)990 7366
[email protected]

*For the Ph.D. program in Multi-Sector Communication, contact Basilio G. Monteiro, Ph.D.

Co-curricular organizations and clubs are specifically designed to enhance the students’ experience and learning in a variety of fields. Clubs associated with Collins College of Professional Studies programs include the following:

St. John's University Television Club (WRED)
The St. John’s University Television Club prepares members for the competitive television/media industry. Interested students have the opportunity to learn and use state-of-the-art television equipment and to write, direct, produce, edit and/or act in video productions. Eligible members may register for academic credit while working under the guidance of the faculty moderator.

Communications Arts Film Society
The Communication Arts Film Society is a co-curricular unit of Collins College of Professional Studies with membership open to all St. John’s University students. Members write, produce and shoot their own 6mm motion pictures; run a series of weekly film screenings, selecting the films and writing the program notes; and engage in a variety of motion picture related activities. Academic credit may be earned by members actively participating in the organization. For further information, contact the Chair of the Division of Communications, Journalism and Media Studies.

WSJU is the student run campus radio station. It is a co-curricular organization, offering both academic credit and practical broadcast experience to those students interested in the field of radio.

Open to all St. John’s University students, WSJU is an official member of the National Association of College Broadcasters (NACB) and the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS).