Ozanam Scholar Finds Growth and Adventure at St. John’s

Gabe Torres standing for a photo
April 18, 2024

Delaware native and Interdisciplinary Business major Gabe Torres came to St. John’s University looking for an immersive New York experience, and his selection to the Ozanam Scholars program cemented a decision he has never regretted.

“The opportunity to be part of the Ozanam Scholars program ultimately led to my decision to attend St. John’s,” he recalled. “When I was finally able to see the Queens, NY, campus in person, I knew I made the right decision.”

Gabe explained that the Ozanam Scholars program has expanded his worldview. “I have enjoyed incredible experiences, domestically and abroad,” he said. “Local service has opened my eyes to the realities of my community, while international travels have expanded my perspective.”

As he prepares to graduate in May, he reflected, “The program has prepared me for graduate school, and I’ve learned interpersonal skills through community service placements each semester.”

Gabe stressed that his St. John’s experience has been one of growth and adventure. “My first year was marked with building friendships and community, and the years following were highlighted by being embraced by the University community.”

The many career development resources available at St. John’s have only enhanced Gabe’s experience, allowing him to envision a bright future as he enjoys his college years to the fullest. “St. John’s encourages students to be proactive in their search for a future career,” he said. “Professors, advisers, and staff gear their attention toward preparing you for life after college. I have felt intensely supported in my search for internships and résumé building. I have attended networking events at St. John’s that prepared me for future employment.”

Gabe’s mother, Ellie, said, “As parents, we liked St. John’s because it’s a Catholic university, and having an older daughter attend college in Brooklyn, we thought spending four years in New York City was a plus for Gabe. We believed the Ozanam Scholars program would mesh perfectly with his interests—and that has proven true.”

Ms. Torres discussed her son’s exponential growth since attending St. John’s. “Gabe has grown more independent, mature, and adventurous. The best example and biggest growth opportunity came from his semester abroad on the Rome, Italy, campus. He loved his time in Rome and visited multiple countries, including England, France, Germany, Morocco, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland.”

She added, “He has been adventurous abroad and on and around the Queens campus, in his classes and through his community service involvement. We have seen so much growth and maturity since he has been at St. John’s.”

One of the University’s greatest strengths is the myriad of opportunities available to students, Ms. Torres stressed. “Whether it’s the variety of majors and courses offered, community service options, intramural sports, study abroad programs, or taking the train to Madison Square Garden for a Men’s Basketball game, there is something for everyone.”