Cybersecurity Program Recognized by NSA

February 23, 2022

The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) and a committee of academic peers has validated the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Systems degree program as a “program of study” in cybersecurity through 2027—which puts it on track to be named a Center for Academic Excellence–Cyber Defense by the NSA’s National Centers for Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity this year.

“NSA’s validation of the program speaks very loudly with respect to St. John’s University’s strong academic commitment and its contribution toward the protection of the National Information Infrastructure,” said Erald Troja, Ph.D., Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Division of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science. “The program’s ability to meet the increasing demand to addresses the critical shortage of professionals with cybersecurity skills highlights the importance of higher education as a solution to defending America’s cyberspace.”

The University’s Cybersecurity Center is an information hub for multidisciplinary research, education, training, and practice in the field of cybersecurity. “This University-wide center was created with the vision to provide current and future St. John’s students with information on cybersecurity, as well as to promote collaboration and interaction with other students, faculty, and programs within St. John’s University and the cybersecurity community as a whole,” explained Joan E. DeBello, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Chair, Division of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science.