Center for Law and Religion Welcomes Inaugural Global Law Fellow

Fabiana Dal Cin
February 22, 2016

This semester, the Center for Law and Religion at St. John’s Law welcomed its first Global Law Fellow, Fabiana Dal Cin, from the State University Cà Foscari, in Venice, Italy. A PhD student in Cà Foscari’s program in Law, the Market, and the Person, Dal Cin is spending her time at St. John's doing research for her thesis on Catholic social theory and property law. She is also taking two courses, the Colloquium in Law and Religion and Constitutional Law II.

Dal Cin, who has degrees from the University of Bologna and the University of Padua, learned about the Center while working as a student assistant at last year’s International Moot Court in Law and Religion in Venice, where Center Director Mark L. Movsesian was serving as a judge.

The Center, Dal Cin says, "has emerged as a recognized leader in the field of religious rights, both at the national level in the United States as well as internationally." Her academic advisor, Professor Andrea Pin at the University of Padua, encouraged her to seek a fellowship at the Center, and Dal Cin was admitted after an application process that included a review of her written work and a Skype interview with Professor Movsesian and the Center’s Associate Director, Professor Marc O. DeGirolami.

Already making good progress on her thesis, Dal Cin finds the Colloquium a particularly valuable, “one-of-a-kind opportunity” that allows her to review and analyze draft papers by prominent scholars and then discuss them with the authors themselves. “The colloquium is very useful for me because I can write in legal English and because the professors give me helpful suggestions,” she says. “These studies are equipping me with the knowledge, analytical tools, and professional network I need in today's increasingly complex legal landscape.”

"We're delighted to have Fabiana with us this semester," says Professor Movsesian. "She brings a diverse perspective that adds much to our discussions. It’s very gratifying that the Center’s international reputation for academic excellence allows us to attract accomplished foreign students like her.”

The Center for Law and Religion provides a forum for the study of law and religion from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives. In addition to the Colloquium in Law and Religion, the Center hosts academic conferences, public events, and a regularly updated blog, the Center for Law and Religion Forum. For more information, please contact the Center for Law and Religion at [email protected].