150 Reasons to Love St. John’s: Never a Dull Moment

Campus During Spring Carnival

There are plenty of words to describe St. John’s University students, but bored is not among them. That’s due, in part, to the more than 180 student clubs and organizations the University offers. From Greek life, to club sports, to service opportunities—there is always something to do when you’re a Johnny. Here are just a few examples:

Students Running with sun shining behind them

Reason 47.

While St. John’s is home to 17 Division I athletic teams, not every Johnny is an elite athlete. That’s why we offer a wide range of Club Sports and Intramurals for every level—from newbie to full-fledged weekend warrior. 

Reason 48.

If your version of friendly competition involves a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, our eSports program might be a good fit.  

Reason 49.

Whether you’re a gym rat, an armchair athlete, or you just want to blow off a little steam, St. John’s Fitness Center features a wide range of exercise equipment to suit your particular regimen. If you need a little bit of extra motivation, you can even sign up for fitness classes or personal training sessions.

Student Government, Inc. (SGI) is your voice on campus. SGI is comprised of both elected and appointed student leaders—Johnnies who want to make a difference.

Students handing out clothes at Midnight Run

Reason 53.

If you did a mash-up of service work, study abroad, and study away programs, you’d have something resembling our Plunge Program. Students make short “plunges” into cities in the US, Europe, or the Americas to perform crucial service work where it is needed most. 

Reason 54.

Whether you’re a night person or not, the Midnight Run is a reason to stay up late. Participants travel as a group in the evening to distribute food, clothing, and personal care items to the homeless poor on the streets of New York City. 

Reason 55.

Similar to the Midnight Run, the Mobile Soup Kitchen delivers food—and hope—to those who need it, where they need it. 

Reason 56

Spectrum is a student organization that fosters a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

Reason 57

Read all about it! Whether you’re a journalism major or not, there’s a place for you on the staff of The Torch, the University’s student newspaper.

Reason 58

Love the stage? Are you good at singing gospel? Then stretch out your jazz hands, and get ready to perform with one of our performing arts groups on campus.