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Plunge Program

Plunge Program – May 15th, 2022

The St. John’s Campus Ministry Plunge Program offers an exciting opportunity to students!  Students immerse themselves in Vincentian Service in places like Philadelphia, Panama, Lourdes, Denver, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, NY and New York City.  The service opportunities range from working on agricultural projects, housing restoration and assisting pilgrims on their journey, just to name a few. Key elements of the plunges also include community building and living simply.  As students engage themselves and are given the time to reflect on their experience, the true Vincentian understanding of the poor comes alive. 


  • St. Louis, Missouri Plunge (Winter)
  • El Paso, Texas Plunge (NEW!) (Winter)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Plunge (Winter)
  • Los Angeles, California Plunge (Spring)
  • Macon, GA Plunge (Spring)
  • Denver, Colorado Plunge (Spring)
  • Washington D.C Plunge (Spring)
  • Niagara Falls, New York Plunge (Summer)
  • Panama Plunge (Summer)
  • Mexico Plunge (NEW!(Summer)
  • Lourdes, France Plunge (Summer)
  • Tuba City, Arizona Plunge (Summer)
  • Ukraine Plunge (Summer)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Angela Seegel[email protected] (718) 990-2680 (Queens Campus), Fr. Tri Duong: [email protected] (718) 390-4305 (Staten Island Campus). Follow us on Twitter @StJohnsCampMin.

The Rendu Freshmen Service Experience

New York, NY

The Rendu Service Experience is a Campus Ministry Plunge for First Year students. During the experience, we will reach out to people in need across New York City. Service sites may include soup kitchens, nursing homes, and youth programs.  We will experience community living and form friendships through our shared journey of faith, reflection and social justice. Participating in this service plunge is an opportunity that will be both memorable and life changing! 

Applications for Rendu 2021 are now closed. Please click here

For more information contact Angela Seegel: [email protected] or call (718) 990-2680.