Spectrum strives to strengthen, foster, and affirm an inclusive, welcoming academic and campus environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression for the purpose of upholding our University’s Catholic, Vincentian, and Metropolitan mission.

Spectrum fulfills students’ opportunities to further actualize the University’s mission and core values by developing spiritual and personal growth, nurturing awareness and understanding, and embodying the spirit of empathy through a welcoming community that cultivates and reflects the values of human dignity, diversity, compassion, and inclusiveness.

In acknowledging these opportunities, Spectrum sets its foundation upon four pillars: Support, Education, Faith, and Service.

Spectrum Executive Board (Queens)

Leigha Clarke (she/hers)
Major: Psychology
[email protected]
Joanne Fung (she/hers)
Major: Pharmacy
[email protected]

Eliz Maria Benny (they/them)
Major: Psychology
[email protected]

Past President
Andy Ma (he/his)
Major: Communication Arts
[email protected]
Past Vice President
Noah S. (they/them)
Major: Psychology
[email protected]

Spectrum Advisors

Matthew Pucciarelli, PhD (he/his)
Associate Provost of Global Programs
Newman Hall
[email protected]

Jackie Lochrie (she/hers)
Senior Associate Dean of Student Services, Acting Dean of Students &
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Peter J. Tobin College of Business, Garden Level
[email protected]

Pillar Advisors

Education Advisor
Shanté Paradigm Smalls, PhD (they/them)
Associate Professor, Department of English
St. Augustine Hall
[email protected]

Faith Advisor
Jimmy Walters, EdD (he/his)
Director of Residence Ministry and Catholic Scholars Program
Adjunct Faculty, School of Education and Institute for Core Studies
O’Connor Hall
[email protected]

Bias Report

Members of the St. John’s community can share or report experiences or concerns regarding incidents of bias, discrimination, harassment and/or microaggressions that may occur within the university community: Microaggression and/or Bias Related Incident Report.

Safe Zone Training

Safe Zone training is a diversity and sensitivity workshop that helps participants work with, understand, and support the LGBTQ+ community at St. John's University and beyond. We’re proud to partner with the Office of Multicultural Affairs on Safe Zone and will provide information on upcoming sessions shortly

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