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Recreation Opportunities

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center offers a wide variety of cardio equipment including treadmills, arc trainers, ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowers, and Stairmasters. Strength training equipment, free weights, cross-fit area and a stretch/abdominal area are also available.

The Fitness Center is located on the east side of Carnesecca Arena. You may enter the Fitness Center from the lower level of Carnesecca Arena. A valid St. John's ID Card is required.

Carnesecca Arena, Lower Level

Fitness Center Regular Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday: Noon to 7 p.m.
Sunday: Noon to 7 p.m.

October Fitness Class Schedule

Classes will run from September 28 to October 30, 2020.

Virtual Classes
Register via Webex
Outdoor Classes
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Mondays at 12 p.m.
Yoga with Grace
Mondays at 5 p.m.
Butt and Gut with Agnes
Thursdays at 5 p.m.
Total Body Sculpt with Agnes
Wednesdays at 4 p.m.
Zumba with Jen
Fridays at 10 a.m.
Zumba with Jen
Wednesdays at 5 p.m.
Butt and Gut with Agnes
 Thursdays at 11 a.m.
Yoga with Theresa

Body Blast is an energetic, full-body workout that incorporates weights and gets your blood pumping. It is like an espresso shot for your body!

Boot Camp is a challenging cardio and strength training combination focused on fat burn and muscle tone.

Boxing uses the elements and fundamentals of boxing to provide a vigorous workout.

Butt and Gut focuses on abs and lower body. The exercises are targeted for your abs, thighs, and buttocks to burn fat and sculpt.

Contemporary Conditioning begins with a dance-based conditioning routine built to tone, shape, and increase flexibility. Learn and execute a dance routine while using these techniques.

Contemporary Fusion is a dance class that combines traditional contemporary concepts with popular styles such as modern, hip-hop, and conditioning exercises.

Full-Body Calorie Burner is a high-intensity class that combines cardio and sculpting to target all major muscle groups. It burns fat and many calories.

Full-Body Conditioning works out your entire body while burning a lot of calories! This workout is a multilevel full-body workout that targets all of the major muscle groups. The workout features challenging exercises and circuits that increase strength, decrease body fat, and improve overall conditioning.

Hip-Hop includes class teaches a dance routine that integrates various hip-hop and street styles to dancers of all levels and experiences.

Meditation allows you to practice relaxing your mind and body by taking a journey inward. This class includes some gentle stretching and breathing techniques.

Pilates is a mind/body experience designed to condition and stabilize your core muscles. Other benefits include increased flexibility, coordination, balance, stabilization, relaxation, and body alignment.

Sculpt is a full-body workout that challenges every muscle. Strengthen and sculpt your body using dumbbells, body bars, step, and bands.

Spin is an exercise program that utilizes a specially designed stationary bicycle and a series of cycling movements to provide you with both a physical and a mental workout.

Spin and Sculpt combines 15 minutes of spin with total body sculpting for a fun mix of cardio and sculpting. Torch fat and gain lean muscle in this fun class!

Yoga is an active, dynamic class, linking breath with movement. Increase flexibility, strength, and stamina while breathing deeply and quieting the mind.

Zumba is a dance fitness program based on international rhythms with easy to follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness experience.

The Personal Training program offers you to have one-on-one sessions with a qualified personal trainer. The team of personal trainers will design a customized fitness program, and provide the motivation needed to accomplish your fitness goals.

For complete information, please visit the Personal Training page.


Facility Regulations

  1. A valid St. Johns University ID card is required for admission to all recreation facilities.
  2. Guests are not permitted to use St. Johns facilities.
  3. Alcohol and drug use is not permitted in any recreation facility.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in Carnesecca Hall or on any recreational fields.
  5. Proper athletic attire must be worn in all recreation facilities. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the facility. Proper attire includes: sweatpants; jogging suits or gym shorts; t-shirt or sweatshirt; sneakers.
  6. No one will be permitted to leave their clothes or book bags in the gym or hallways. There are locker rooms and mini lockers to secure your belongings.
  7. Spectators may not enter the main gym floor wearing shoes, boots, or jeans. Spectators may observe the activity from the bleachers.
  8. During Campus Recreation contests, only those participating may be on the gym floor. Others may not infringe on this space. This includes during play, time-outs, and between halves.
  9. Sneakers and rubber-soled cleats (no metal) may be worn on the outdoor fields.
  10. No food or beverages, other than water, are allowed in any recreation facility or on any recreational field.
  11. ID cards must be carried at all times. If you do not have an ID card you will not be permitted to access any of the recreation facilities.

* Failure to present an ID card when requested by a university faculty or staff member is a violation of the code of conduct and subjects the holder to disciplinary action (suspension). Please see the Student Handbook.


The development of sportsman-like behavior is one of the goals of Campus Recreation. Individual or team competitors must be able to accept defeat without blaming others. Officials, intramural event supervisors or representatives, teammates and opponents all deserve each other’s respect and courteous behavior.

Participants must realize that these are not varsity sports and there are no professional coaches or officials. The following rules regarding sportsmanship will be enforced:

  1. A team is responsible for the actions of its individual team members and for spectators directly associated with the team.
  2. Harassment of the officials, program supervisors, and other players will not be tolerated.
  3. Abusive language, verbal harassment or threats, physical harassment, striking, or intentionally pushing another participant, official or supervisor will not be tolerated.
  4. Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in an initial warning, a penalty, technical foul, or ejection from the facility, game or contest. Players or teams may be dropped from the Intramural event, tournament or league, and/or future events.
  5. Protests concerning the judgment of officials will not be considered. Therefore, their calls are not open to debate. Questions regarding rule interpretations can be made before or after a game or during a time-out.
  6. Malicious behavior, such as striking another participant will result in immediate dismissal from the facility or event, and from future Campus Recreation events.
  7. Spectators are also responsible for behaving in a sportsmanlike manner. Anyone exhibiting improper behavior will be asked to leave the facility.


All students, faculty, staff, and administrators currently enrolled or employed at St. John’s University and presenting a validated ID card may use any recreational facility during recreation hours or participate in any of the intramural events or activities. Any individual who is currently a varsity athlete shall be ineligible to take part in the sport or related sport in which he or she is currently competing. Each student participating is responsible for his or her own eligibility. Any player using an assumed name or another individual’s ID card shall be barred from participating in any event offered by Campus Recreation for that school year.

Accidents And Injuries

All injuries must be reported to Campus Recreation immediately. Campus Recreation will contact the Student Health Office and Public Safety.

Lost And Found Articles

Any questions regarding lost or found articles should be brought to the attention of Campus Recreation and/or Public Safety.


All recreational facilities are under the supervision and control of building managers, Public Safety, and Campus Recreation personnel. Any person on the premises without a validated St. John’s ID card will be removed from campus. Any person caught stealing will be prosecuted. If any other building user observes looting or stealing in progress, please alert any Campus Recreation personnel or Public Safety. Let us work together to protect each other. Please report any illegal or criminal behavior. We appreciate your help.

Kristine Rakic
Hi everyone, my name is Kristine and I'm a sophomore in the biology program. I am student worker at CRec and dancing is my favorite form of exercise.
Kayla McMahon
At SJU I teach interval training and spin, but I also like to instruct full body sculpt and barre. I work out because it gives me strength in mind and body, and provides me with the energy to get me through each day!
Agnes Impelli
I teach spin and total body sculpt. I have been in the exercise industry since the 80's. I love to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle. I do believe working out helps you to stay young. I can't imagine my life not working out. We really have no excuses. There is always time to workout. Just do it!
Polyxeni Emmanouil
I'm 20 years old studying economics and a junior at St. John's University. I teach Zumba, cardio kickboxing and pilates. I love to workout because it is how I keep in shape and stay healthly both physically and mentally. It is also a great way to de stress from everything going on.
Grace Peters
I am an incoming first year law student at St. John’s School of Law, and I first started practicing yoga close to six years ago. Yoga has helped me in every aspect of my life from my physical health to my emotional well-being. I recently completed my 200 Hour Teacher Training course and am excited to teach at St. John’s!
Raya O'Neal
I have always enjoyed working out whether it’s playing volleyball, spinning, or doing TRX! I use exercise as a daily stress reliever and confidence booster! My HIIT Spin and Butt + Gut class are a great way to boost up your energy and get fit!
Dena Coduri
I am a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. At St. John’s, I teach alignment-based vinyasa flow yoga classes. My challenging, yet relaxing classes include philosophical themes, gentle adjustments, eclectic music, and essential oils.
Molly Dekkers
I teach the Abs & Conditioning class! Fitness is a passion of mine. I have always been involved in athletics because they help one grow mentally and physically, both individually and as a team.
Diana Carolina Albujar
Having started dancing at the age of four in Peru, I was professional by the time I was 17. When I came to the United States, I continued dancing and became a licensed Zumba fitness instructor. I show all my students that dance makes them feel alive, beautiful, confident, and energetic. It’s not just about looking good. If you make dance and music part of your daily life, your soul will start shining. Zumba® is the best anti-stress relief you can find. In my classes we laugh, we dance, we work out, we feel sexy, and we sweat like crazy. I am passionate about dance, choreography, and teaching.
Theresa Rossini
I am a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor who attended The Long Island Yoga School and The Yoga Teacher Training Institute. I practiced Zazen Meditation at Saint Ignatius Retreat House and continue to practice at The United Unitarian Church. I like to explore the various aspects of Yoga and Meditation. Sharing my enthusiasm with my students brings me much joy.
Owin Farrell
My name is Owin Farrell. I am a junior in Business Management. I am currently the Hip Hip Dance Teacher in the Fitness Center. I like to exercise and dance because it keeps me active as well as keeps me always continuing to train and learn more.
John Pohopin
Hi I’m John and I teach two classes three times a week. I teach “Arms and Abs” as well as “Boot camp”. I started to find my love for fitness my junior year of high school and haven’t stopped since. I feel that fitness creates a balance for my life and without it there would be something missing. The gym is where I am able to release any tension and create more positive results for myself. This is the place I love to be.
Sydney A. Johnson
Hey guys! I am one of St. John’s University’s newest instructors. I’m is a junior from Arlington, Virginia who is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Journalism. My first love is soccer, which I played competitively up until college. Soccer was primarily how I stayed in shape, but when I fractured my back during my sophomore year of high school, I had to find some other ways to do so. That’s when I discovered spinning and fell in love with it so much I decided to become instructor. This August, I received both my Primary Group Exercise Certification and G.E.A.R. (group indoor cycling) Certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. I love group fitness classes because it’s a motivational atmosphere and there is a sense of teamwork. Everyone in class has his or her own goals which might vary from person to person, but they’re still goals. I enjoy being able to choreograph fun, challenging classes because I want to help my class participants in their fitness journeys. Long distance running, boot camp classes, and weight training are the other ways I enjoy staying fit. I hope to see you in my classes! Be ready to sweat!
Jennifer Hug
Hi my name is Jennifer Hug and I am a junior at St. John’s University. I have grown up in an athletic family with all of my brothers and my sister engaged in various sports. We all participated in at least three sports growing up and constantly played outside together. Since then exercising through sports and physically activity has always played a major role in my life. I am now on the Universities Dance Team and a Zumba instructor in the Fitness Center. Working out and involving an activity I love, such as dance, has always been fun instead of a chore. I believe you should always stay active and have an interest in your bodies’ health. If you have never taken a Zumba class I highly encourage you to try. Zumba classes are a ton of fun and you will get a great workout in as well. Hope to see you there!
Devi Ylli
I'm a junior here at SJU. I've been boxing back home in Washington DC for 4 years at Sugar Ray Lenords boxing gym. I've been teaching boxing here for 2 years I think boxing is more than a sport. it's an art of body motion. I'm here to give help and all the information I know to everyone that's trying to learn.

Outdoor Tennis Courts

Located on the Union Turnpike side of campus, adjacent to Taffner Field House. Proper athletic attire is required. Courts are used by men's and women's varsity tennis teams before 3pm each day. During this time we are unable to rent equipment and do not have access to the courts even if there is no one playing.

The hours of operation are weather permitting:

Monday-Thursday3-10 p.m.
Friday3-8 p.m.
Saturday10-8 p.m.
Sunday12-8 p.m.

Volleyball (Taffner Field House)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday12-3 p.m.
Sunday4-8 p.m.