Policy 301 - Compensation Policy

Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 301
Responsible Office: HR/Compensation
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 6/30/02; 3/18/09


St. John’s University is committed to attracting, motivating and retaining qualified employees through its compensation programs. These programs are designed to evaluate appropriate compensation levels for jobs, encourage growth, and reward those individuals who support and fulfill the University’s Mission. To ensure our commitment to our employees, we continue to design and support competitive pay, performance-based increases, recognition programs and career development. The University complies with all applicable federal and state laws governing the compensation of employees, and administers its compensation programs and pay decisions in accordance with such.

For questions concerning University compensation, contact the Compensation Department at extension 2497 or 2565. For information regarding the University’s policy on Job Evaluation, including the factors and methods used, see policy #302.

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Human Resources Policy Manual