Policy 112 - Temporary Employment

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 112
Responsible Office: HR/Recruitment
Effective Date: 4/1/01

University departments may hire temporary employees to meet additional workloads, complete special projects, or temporarily replace regular employees. Generally, temporary employees are hired for a specified period, not to exceed six (6) months. Under special circumstances, such as an extended illness, a department may need to extend the period of temporary employment.

Hiring of temporary employees may be done through a staffing service/employment agency or directly with an applicant. As with any other hiring need, the Recruitment Office will assist departments to fill temporary positions. Hiring managers who wish to use a staffing service must first contact the Human Resources Recruitment Office so that Human Resources can ensure that the hiring agreement and terms and conditions of employment are acceptable to the University, and that the agency conducts appropriate employee background checks. Temporary employees who are hired directly, not through an employment agency, submit to a background check according to standard University hiring policy.

Temporary employees should be paid at a rate consistent with the pay for regular employees who perform similar work. Temporary employees are not eligible for any University-sponsored employee benefits, and receive only such benefits as are provided for by law. Due to the temporary nature of work assignments and fluctuating needs of a department, temporary employees are subject to termination at any time.

St. John's University, New York
Human Resources Policy Manual