Policy 105 - Job Posting

Section: Employment
Policy Number: 105
Responsible Office: HR/Recruitment
Effective Date: 9/1/00
Revised: 9/1/01; 8/1/07; 10/29/08; 8/1/12; 7/1/16


The job posting process applies to administrators, staff and faculty. For student employment, see policy #111.


In a continuing effort to encourage and promote the professional growth of our employees, open positions are generally posted on the internal career portal. Exceptions to this would include certain senior-level positions reserved to the President and Executive Vice Presidents, and positions where a qualified employee is selected within the department or positions requiring unique skill sets or technical skills require an external search. Postings may occur simultaneously with external recruitment efforts, depending on the position.


For administrator and staff positions, hiring managers should forward approved Notice of Vacancy (NOV) form to the HR Generalist (see policy #106, Recruitment and Hiring). As part of the applicant sourcing process, the Recruitment Office will post positions on the University website and/or internal career portal usually within 24 hours of receipt. The job posting will include information such as job title, department, campus location, a brief job description, position responsibilities and qualifications. Filled positions are removed once an offer has been accepted and satisfactory background check results are obtained. The Recruitment Office will prepare and send declination letters to those candidates who were interviewed but not selected for the position.

For faculty positions, the Office of the Provost provides a list of approved open positions to the Recruitment Office. The Dean and Chairs of each college work with the Recruitment Office to post and advertise open positions. Positions are posted on the University website and in some instances posted on the internal career portal. Filled positions are removed once The Office of the Provost notifies the Recruitment Office.

Eligibility and Applying

Employees who have worked a minimum of 12 months in their current position with the University, and have met their job expectations according to the University’s performance management system, policy #202 are eligible to apply for positions.  Exceptions may be made only with the approval of the employee’s current department head. Employees are eligible for promotion or transfer within their department anytime after successful completion of the three-month Orientation Period.  Employees on corrective action are not eligible to apply.

An internal employee career portal is available by logging into SignOn.stjohns.edu and clicking on the UIS icon. From the Employee Tab, click Employee Career Portal. Using this site, all current employees can view and apply for open positions. Qualified employees are encouraged to pursue posted positions within the University and should apply directly though the internal career portal.

Qualified applicants will be forwarded to the hiring manager for consideration. If there is interest from the hiring manager, employees will be notified.

Internal Career Portal steps:

  • Upon entering the portal, click the “Employment Listings” tab
  • Click, “search current openings”
  • Apply for positions of interest if the minimum qualifications listed have been met
  • Attach supporting documents including a resume and cover letter.

Employees are encouraged to inform their supervisor when they apply for positions at the University. If the employee is selected for an interview, and there is a sufficient level of mutual interest after the interview, the hiring manager may contact the Recruitment Office to check work history and performance. In general, employees must give a minimum two-week notice to their supervisor before starting a new position. For information on Employee Transfers, see policy #124, and Employee Promotions, see policy #123.

For additional information or assistance, contact the Recruitment Office at (718) 990-2787.

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