Policy 1031 - Security Policy for University Events

Policy Number: 1031
Responsible Office: Public Safety
Effective Date: 10/11/06


This policy applies to the St. John’s University community, including students, faculty, administrators and staff and to visitors on the University campuses. This policy applies to all St. John’s New York campuses.


The safety and security of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and visitors during events taking place at the University is paramount. The Department of Public Safety will plan and implement appropriate safety protocols for all events taking place on St. John’s University campuses, and will coordinate and plan placement and use of security personnel. In an effort to help facilitate student and/or University programs and to support and encourage on-campus activities, metal detectors, including magnetometer machines and hand-held wands, may be utilized to ensure a safe event.

Magnetometer Use

Metal detection is used at all NCAA sporting events held at the Carnesecca Arena, Belson Soccer Stadium, and DaSilva Field when the total number of expected attendees is greater than 100. In addition, questions normally used to evaluate whether or not the use of metal detectors is an appropriate vehicle for ensuring the protection of the University community include the following:

  • Will attendees include people from outside the St. John’s community?
  • Will attendance exceed 250 people?
  • Are two or more events scheduled on a University campus in close proximity and time?

Metal detection devices may also be used when information exists that warrants their use as determined by members of the Department of Public Safety in conjunction with an executive member of the University. This may include, for example, when there is a history of disruptive behavior on the part of the performer and/or patrons, or when a speaker or sponsoring organization requests security measures be taken.

University events hosted by the President and other senior leaders of the University may be deemed by Public Safety not to require magnetometers and discretion will be exercised when assessing this need.

Magnetometer Security Procedures

Public Safety personnel will utilize metal detector devices to screen persons entering an event for weapons and other dangerous instruments. Backpacks and other similar items are normally not permitted into an event. At student-centered events, Public Safety may permit backpacks or similar items; however, they will be subject to search. The University does not allow individuals to bring alcoholic beverages into an event, and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in plastic containers only. Prospective attendees may (i) refuse to be screened by a metal detector, (ii) refuse to permit Public Safety inspection of their hand-carried items, and (iii) withdraw permission for screening or searches at any time, provided that a weapon or other threat to safety has not already been identified. Any person who refuses or withdraws permission for screening or searching, will be escorted off campus by Public Safety personnel unless the person has a valid St. John’s University identification card identifying him or her as a student or member of the staff, faculty or administration; in such case, the person will be refused admittance to the event and asked to leave the event area. In cases in which a person, by reason of medical necessity, is unable to submit to the screening process, that person may request a manual pat down by a Public Safety Officer, provided that person has a valid medical identification card indicating that he/she is unable to submit to a medical detector or other device.

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Department of Public Safety at 718-990-6647. This policy is also located in the Public Safety Manual and in the Student Handbook.


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