Policy 1004 - Building Access and Key Control

Section: Operating/Administrative
Policy Number: 1004
Responsible Office: Public Safety
Effective Date: 4/1/01
Revised: 6/1/01; 2/10/10; 7/18/17; 6/13/23


The purpose of this policy is to protect the property and privacy of St. John’s University, and of individuals assigned to use its facilities, by limiting access to such facilities to assigned individuals and to their supervisors. Public Safety has responsibility for all spaces, including all building systems, and as such, may have a need for access to certain spaces occupied by others. Public Safety also has the responsibility to effectively manage and control distribution of keys on campus. St. John’s University maintains multiple high security patented keyways for safety and security purposes.


This policy applies to all St. John’s University employees, faculty, students, and contractors working for the University. It applies to all facilities owned, leased, controlled, or otherwise occupied by St. John’s University.

Building Access

After typical work hours, Public Safety locks buildings with lower utilization. These buildings are patrolled throughout the night on a random basis to ensure the safety and security of the campus. The same procedure is repeated during the weekend hours. On the Staten Island campus, many of the classrooms are locked after the last class of the day.

Anyone who needs to enter or leave a building during non-working hours is required to notify the Department of Public Safety and will be escorted by a representative of Public Safety upon request.

Students, faculty and staff are required to show a valid StormCard in order to gain entrance to the computer facilities, Residence Halls, the fitness center, Taffner Field House and St. Alberts Hall (after 11 p.m.) on the Queens campus and the library on the Staten Island campus.

If an individual, regardless of status, does not have valid identification, they should report to the Department of Public Safety to obtain identification:

  • Queens Campus – Visit the main reception area of the ROTC Building on the Queens campus or call (718) 990-6281 / ext. 6281
  • Staten Island campus – Visit Public Safety in Spellman Hall or call (718) 390-4487 / ext. 4487
  • Manhattan – Visit the Security Lobby Desk or call (212) 277-5155 / ext. 5155

Resident Facility Access

The access control component of the StormCard has been activated for individuals residing in the resident facilities.

Issuing Keys

Keys to University spaces, such as offices, lecture halls, classrooms, housing, storage spaces, mechanical spaces, high voltage spaces, etc., will be issued to University employees upon request of the appropriate department head or dean. The Executive Director of Public Safety will have final approval and may decline requests. Each key issued to employees, contractors, or students shall be documented by the Public Safety Key Manager. No key shall be transferred from one person to another without being returned to the Key Manager for appropriate re-issue. Each key will be stamped with a unique code and issued by code to a specific individual. The employee to whom keys will be issued must sign a Key Card application. The application will be secured and maintained by the Key Manager at the Department of Public Safety.


All keys referred to in this policy are the property of St. John’s University and are not to be duplicated by anyone other than the Public Safety Key Manager. The act of duplicating a key, or the possession of an unauthorized duplicate, will be referred to Human Resources and may result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Returning Issued Keys

When an employee leaves the University or a student leaves the University, assigned keys must be submitted to the Public Safety Key Manager in person as soon as possible. Public Safety will revise records accordingly. 

Failure to return keys upon termination/separation may result in holding the employee and/or student responsible for the cost to re-key a room, office or building(s). When a termination/ separation of employment occurs, the employee’s manager and/or Human Resources will be required to collect and return any applicable University keys to the Key Manager in person without delay. Interoffice mail is not permitted.

Any cost associated with a failure to return issued key(s) will be charged to the appropriate department head or dean.

Forms and Procedures

All key requests are to be submitted on an Application for Keys form by the hiring manager and a Key/Lock Work Order form. The approving department head, or dean, must sign both forms and submit them to the Public Safety Key Manager. The Executive Director of Public Safety will have final approval and may decline requests.


The policy and its enforcement are the responsibility of Public Safety and are implemented through the Key Manager. All Department Heads and deans shall ensure that the keys that are issued to each employee provide that individual with access only to the areas to which they routinely need. The Key Manager/Public Safety will ensure that key requests and all appropriate authorizations have been obtained prior to issuing keys.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to Public Safety as soon as possible upon the discovery of the loss or theft. A replacement key may be issued at cost to the appropriate department head or dean. Public Safety will investigate with the assistance of the Key Manager to determine if a cylinder should be changed or re-keyed. If the key allows access to a personal office space, or commercial space, the Key Manager in consultation with the Executive Director of Public Safety will determine an appropriate action.

To ensure resident safety, if a lost/stolen/unreturned key allows access to a residential space (resident hall building, suite, room, mailbox s or private residence) the Key Manager will automatically change the core/key if the key is not presented to Residence Life or the Key Manager within a 24-hour time limit.

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