Nicholas R. Weiskopf

Professor of Law, Retired
B.A., Columbia CollegeJ.D., Columbia University

Prior to joining the faculty in 1981, Professor Weiskopf practiced in major New York City law firms for several years, concentrating in the area of commercial litigation.  Upon graduation, he was an Associate in Law at Columbia Law School and continued there as an adjunct faculty member.  He has served on the Committee on State Legislation of the Bar Association of the City of New York and also on that Association’s committee on Uniform State Laws.  Professor Weiskopf has taught Contracts, Drafting Legal Instruments, Commercial Arbitration and a Legal Writing Seminar.  He currently teaches Commercial Arbitration. Professor Weiskopf has been published in several important law reviews and other legal periodicals on topics including contracts, commercial law, commercial arbitration and securities regulation.

January 2011 saw the publication of a book by Professor Weiskop entitled "Commercial Arbitration:  Theory and Practice" (Vandeplas 2011).

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