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Tuition for students enrolled at St. John's University School of Law for the 2024-2025 academic year will be $72,630 for the full-time program and $54,470 for the part-time flex day program.

As an applicant to St. John's School of Law, you will be considered for scholarship at the time your application is reviewed under regular admission review. No supplemental application is required. There is no specific LSAT score or undergraduate GPA required to be awarded a scholarship.

The Cost of Attendance is a separate figure that represents the total cost of attending school and includes tuition, activity fee, academic success fee (see below), books and supplies, housing and food, transportation, miscellaneous and personal living expenses, and federal student loan fees. Please review the 2024-2025 Financial Your Legal Education document (PDF) for more information. 

Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures)

Academic Success - Bar Preparation

St. John's Law partners with bar review leader BARBRI to offer students an unmatched level of legal education and professional support that includes automatic access to BARBRI’s bar review and other critical academic success resources as part of the law school curriculum.  St. John’s Law students pay an academic success fee each semester and this provides you with integrated bar prep from day one and cost-savings post graduation.

  • Students will get early access to their bar prep program as well as MPRE, 1L mastery series, and other resources available in bar tested subjects.
  • Students will get to practice with bar questions in each subject area, as faculty will have a bank of over 1000 multiple choice questions available in every subject area tested on the bar exam.
  • Bar prep course post-graduation will be free, as the cost is in included in the academic success fee.

All of this develops practical skills and targeted expertise so St. John’s Law students graduate profession-ready to pass the bar.