Kap Misir

Adjunct Professor
B.S., St. John's University J.D., Western Michigan University, Cooley Law SchoolLL.M., St. John's University School of Law

Kap Misir is currently a Senior Associate at Jeff Fannell & Associates. Kap is responsible for all facets of MLB salary arbitration cases on behalf of Players including developing hearing strategies and creating exhibits for salary arbitration presentation.  In addition, Kap analyzes past and current Player markets to determine a Player’s value for purposes of exchanging filing numbers for arbitration and for determination of Player valuation for free agent contract negotiations.
 Kap will advise Player agents with regard to free agent Player contracts and extensions based on research and analysis of a Player’s career statistical performance for free agent contract negotiations.
 Among Kap’s duties is to advocate on behalf of Player and Player Agents during contract enforcement and fee dispute resolution cases pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and instruct Players and their Agents on enforcing Players individual and collective contractual rights.

Prior to joining Jeff Fannell & Associates, Kap spent a season with the Cincinnati Reds in their Baseball Operations division.  In his role with the Reds Kap produced advanced scouting reports and daily game reports, scouted Major League and Minor League Players, analyzed the Player market in support of contemplated trades and free agent acquisitions and provided preliminary research and analysis of the Reds’ potential salary arbitration eligible Players. 

Prior to his stint with the Reds, Kap served as outside counsel to JFA from December 2012 to March 2014, working primarily in the areas of baseball salary arbitration, while also assisting in free agent contract negotiations and agent fee dispute grievances.

In 2008, Kap founded The Misir Law Firm, a general practice that provided him with the opportunity to gain extensive experience in such diverse areas as sports law, criminal defense, personal injury, business transactions and commercial litigation. Prior to starting his practice Kap work for the late United States Senator Arlen Specter (D., PA) on the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

Kap earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies from St. John’s University in 2004 and his Juris Doctorate (with a concentration in Litigation) from Western Michigan University, Cooley Law School in 2007.  In 2012, Kap graduated from St. John’s University Law School with a Masters in International and Comparative Sports Law.   Kap is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey. In 2015, Major League Baseball Players Association granted Kap certification as an Expert Agent Advisor. 

In 2016, Kap was named as the Head Coach of the St. John's University School of Law Baseball Salary Arbitration Team and in his first season coached the team to finals of the National Championship.