Erik Klingenberg

Adjunct Professor

Partner Dentons

Professor Klingenberg is a partner at Dentons. He is co-chair of  Dentons' Capital Markets practice specializing in structured finance, including all aspects of commercial and residential mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, commercial paper conduits, master trusts and other structured products.

Professor Klingenberg represented several U.S. government agencies in their efforts to restore the financial markets during the financial crisis, including the U.S. Treasury in connection with the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF), the U.S. Department of Education in connection with the FFELP Student Loan Commercial Paper Conduit, the FDIC in connection with the sale of Indy Mac, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in connection with the Maiden Lane trust. Today, he is helping guide both the government and industry participants towards a restoration of the private securitization markets with appropriate regulatory and market changes.

Professor Klingenberg represents issuers, underwriters and other capital market participants in a broad range of domestic, offshore and cross-border transactions. His practice focuses on complex, innovative structures, including re-REMICS, commercial paper conduits, master trusts and other revolving pool transactions, with assets ranging from residential and commercial mortgage loans, B notes and mezzanine loans to student loans, servicing advances and other asset-backed securities. Professor Klingenberg also has extensive experience representing lenders and borrowers in structured warehouse transactions and other asset-based financings.

Professor Klingenberg teaches Securitization, Structured Finance and Capital Markets.