How many applications does St. John’s Law receive each year?
The Law School receives approximately 2,800 applications per year.

What programs are offered?
We offer a 3-year full-time day program and a 4-year part-time day program.

Can I apply to more than one program?
You can only apply to one program, however the application does include the option to select if you would be interested in an alternate division. 

What is the size of the first-year class?
The Fall 2018 class consists of 233 students.

What is the application deadline?
Applicants should submit applications materials before March 15 to receive priority consideration.  There are different deadlines for early decision programs and honors programs.

Do you offer Spring Admission?
The JD program for first year students begins in the Fall only.  Transfer and Visiting students who have completed a full year at an ABA Law School may apply for the Spring semester. 

What is the median LSAT/GRE and GPA of admitted applicants?
The median LSAT and GPA Fall 2018 entering class for all programs is 159 and 3.60 respectively.  This is the first year we are accepting the GRE so we do not have statistics that we can share relating to GRE medians. However, our median LSAT score in recent years has generally fallen in the 70th – 75th percentile.  We expect to admit applicants who perform similarly well on the GRE.  

How much does it cost per year to attend St. John’s?

The tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year is $59,080 for the full-time program, and $44,820 for the part-time program.

Do you require letters of recommendation?
We require 2 and will accept up to 3 letters.  We will accept them from the LSAC Credential Assembly Service and directly from recommenders.

How long will it take to make a decision on my application?
The Admissions Committee will make every effort to render a decision on an application within 8-12 weeks of when it becomes complete.

Does St. John’s Law have any joint degree programs?
Yes, we offer several joint degree programs and information can be found http://www.stjohns.edu/law/academic-programs.

How do you apply for the Joint Programs?
To qualify, an applicant must meet the individual criteria used for admission to both Schools. Applicants must apply separately and must be accepted to both schools. 

Does the Law School offer scholarships?
St. John’s offers a wide range of merit scholarships.  There are no separate scholarship applications.  Each regular admission applicant will be reviewed for scholarship at the same time as the application is reviewed for admissions. 

Is campus housing available?
University Housing is available to law students.  The University offers beautiful townhouses and students are placed with law students in apartments.  Please visit our Housing web page for more information about Residence Life on the Queens campus.

Does the Law School assist students in locating off campus housing?
The Office of Admissions maintains an informal list of apartments available in the area. This list is updated periodically and is available to students admitted to the school. We can also refer students to realtors and online resources.

What is the Career placement rate?
Please view our placement data on the Career Development website.

What are the most important factors the Admissions Committee look for when reviewing applications?
Applicants should recognize that Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and undergraduate GPAs are important factors in the admission process. However, numbers alone might not entirely reflect an applicant's ability to succeed in the study of the law, enhance the law school's educational environment, and deliver legal services in a professionally responsible manner after graduation.

Therefore, the Admissions Committee will also consider, among other factors, the nature and difficulty of the applicant's course of undergraduate studies; the applicant's entire undergraduate record, including ascending or descending trends in achievement; graduate work or degrees; significant extracurricular activities while an undergraduate or graduate student; community activities; work experience; and personal obstacles that may have interfered with the realization of the applicant's full potential and personal achievements.

How does the Admissions Committee evaluate an applicant with multiple LSAT scores or multiple GRE scores?
If an applicant has taken the LSAT or GRE more than once, there will be an emphasis on the highest score during the review process, but we will see all LSAT scores and GRE scores for tests taken within the past five years.  If an applicant has already taken the LSAT, you must apply via LSAC and submit your LSAT score(s).  If you have also taken the GRE, and would like to submit that score in addition to your LSAT score, we will accept and consider that score information along with all other application materials.   

When is the latest I can take the LSAT or GRE?
The January test is the last test we can consider for admission to the Fall class.  March and June test takers may contact the Admissions Office directly for review on a seat available basis.  If you are taking the GRE, we recommend that you take it prior to March 1 so that your score will be reported prior to our March 15 application priority date.

What is the 4 digit school code for Law Services?
The 4 digit school code is 2799.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?
The Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to apply for loans/financial aid at St. John’s Law. FAFSA forms are available at an undergraduate institution or you may apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  St. John’s federal school code is 002823.  Financial Aid counselors can be reached at 718-990-2000 or [email protected].

How may I apply to St. John's Law?
You can complete the application form online.  If you need assistance or a paper copy of the application, please contact the Admissions Office at [email protected], or by telephone at 718-990-6474.

Does St. John’s Law grant interviews?
The traditional admissions process does not always fully measure certain intangible qualities that often determine success in law school and legal practice.  To address this deficiency we offer all applicants the option to complete a video interview.  This process allows you to record your responses to three questions which will be viewed later by the admissions committee during the review of your application.   This video interview will complement the Law School's holistic approach to the application review process.   

How do I contact the Office of Admissions?
Office of Admissions
St. John’s University School of Law
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY  11439
(718) 990-6474
[email protected]