Danielle Gilbride

Field Intelligence Manager
United States Department of Justice
Drug Enforcement Administration

Field Intelligence Manager Danielle Gilbride is responsible for the oversight of the Intelligence Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New Jersey Division.  In that capacity, she reviews operational and strategic drug intelligence and determines short- and long-range drug intelligence requirements for DEA’s New Jersey Division, and directs activities and programs to fulfill such requirements.

FIM Gilbride directs a continuing review of the drug intelligence gathered, to determine significant gaps and deficiencies in the collection, analysis, production, and dissemination of drug intelligence data.  All of this, to ensure that the resources of the DEA are responsive to national security requirements while strengthening and supporting efforts to lessen the impact of drugs on this country and better protect our neighborhoods.

FIM Gilbride began her career with DEA in January 1990 as an Intelligence Research Specialist in DEA’s New York office, providing critical analytical support to the Division’s most complex drug investigations.  In October 1995, she was transferred to Washington DC, to DEA Headquarters, Strategic Domestic Unit, where she was responsible for the assessment of changes in cocaine trafficking on a national scale.  IRS Gilbride’s analyses were used in various DEA publications, as well as congressional testimony.  IRS Gilbride was then transferred to DEA’s Financial Intelligence Unit, where she was the responsible for all financial intelligence reported within Western Europe and Africa.  She performed continual research for developments in governmental legislation, as well as all proposals of bills and the enactment of laws by these countries in an effort to combat money laundering in their respective areas.  In addition, IRS Gilbride was the DEA representative to the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report committee, where she oversaw the collection of intelligence by DEA analysts for the various different countries and determined what information was cleared to be given to the committee. 

In 1999, IRS Gilbride was transferred back to field operations in Newark, NJ, where she utilized her vast knowledge of money laundering operations to support drug/money laundering investigations.  In 2001, IRS Gilbride was promoted to a Group Supervisor in New York, where she managed a team of analysts responsible for support to cocaine, money laundering and internet investigations.  In 2005, IRS Gilbride assumed her most recent position as the Field Intelligence Manager in DEA’s New Jersey Division. 

FIM Gilbride graduated from St. John’s University, St. Vincent’s College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, and earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Training and Development from Seton Hall University.