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The Center for Faculty Success and Development's (CFSD) mission is to enhance the academic environment at St. John’s University through support of faculty teaching and research.

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The CFSD Newsletter is distributed several times electronically throughout the academic year.

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March/April 2024

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If you would like to send an entry to “Faculty News,” the deadline for the next issue is April 19, 2024.  Please email your submission to [email protected].

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Faculty Growth Grants are intended to provide support for full-time faculty members who seek to enhance their teaching skills, to further integrate technology in the curriculum, or to develop groundbreaking courses. A limited number of grants are available each year. 

Growth Grant recipients must prepare a report describing how your growth grant project will improve student learning. The report is to be submitted within three (3) months after attending the funded program or developing your teaching materials, with copies sent to the CTL Executive Director, Dean, and Department/Division Chairperson. By accepting this grant, you also agree to present your results in the form of a CTL workshop and an article in the CTL Newsletter.

Application Process:

Eligibility:Full-time faculty

Deadline:  Send completed application to the Center for Teaching and Learning at [email protected] on or before Monday, October 30, 2023.

Timeframe: Funding is for grant-related activities (e.g., conferences) that take place within six-months AFTER the grant is awarded. Funding will NOT be provided for activities completed before the grant is awarded.

Application must include an abstract (minimum of 500 words) describing your project and intended outcomes (i.e., purpose of grant) with specific details related to ALL of the following items:

1.       Explanation of how you intend to incorporate information and skills learned into your course(s) to improve student learning outcomes.

2.       Explanation of how you will share what you have learned with your St. John’s colleagues.

3.       Title and description of the conference/workshop you would like to attend (including dates and location) and a brief explanation of how it supports your grant proposal.

4.       Budget breakdown of program-related expenses. Growth grants are for reimbursement of expenses only and do not include stipends or funds for a faculty member’s time.

5.       Letters of recommendation from Dean and Department/Division Chair.

Send completed application on or before Monday, October 30, 2023 to:
the Center for Teaching and Learning at [email protected].



  • Katherine Aquino (EDU) to attend the Equity and Excellence: Access in Higher Education Conference
  • Joan Ball (TCB) to attend the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Foundation Facilitator Training
  • Marie George (SJC) to incorporate the movie The Dating Project and lessons in ballroom dancing in her ethics course
  • Jin Zhi (CCPS) to develop a new online platform for the VFX HE Online Mentoring Program
  • Suzanna Schmeelk (CCPS) to participate in the Secure Coding for Java Boot Camp Flex Pro online program
  • Simcha Pollack (TCB) to attend the Future of Education Technology Conference
  • Roberta Hayes (SJC) to attend the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science Conference
  • Brian Harte (CCPS) to attend the Serious Play Conference
  • Vibhuti Arya (PHM) to attend the Pharmacy Education Symposium
  • Kevin Rioux (SJC) to attend the Online Learning Consortium Certificate Program
  • April Rogers (CCPS) to attend the Online Teaching Conference
  • Sejal Singh (CCPS) to attend the Teaching Professor Conference
  • Sharon See (PHM) to attend the Teaching Professor Conference
  • Sum Lam (PHM) to attend the Magna Teaching with Technology Conference


  • June Chen (EDU) to attend the World Conference on Educational Media and Technology
  • Iris Mohr (TCB) to attend the New York Film Academy Six-Week Documentary Workshop
  • Alyssa Quinlan (PHM) to attend the Innovations in medical Education Conference
  • Lequez Spearman (CPS) to attend the Teaching Professor Conference


  • Joan Ball (TCB) to attend the 99u Conference
  • Shruti Deshpande (SJC) to attend the Magna Teaching with Technology Conference
  • Gregory Hughes (PHM) to develop an "app" to aid in the dosing of vancomycin
  • Zaidalynet Morales (PHM) to attend the Anatomage Table Users Group Meeting


  • Monica Hwang (PHM) to attend the Teachers Seminar: Dialogue on Foundations of Teaching 
  • Heather Robertson (EDU) to attend the Distance Credentialed Counselor Online Training Program
  • Judith Ryder (SJC) to attend a two-day training workshop on Basic Restorative Practices
  • Gen Long (SJC) to attend the American Association of Physics Teachers Conference


  • Maria Leibfried (PHM) to attend the Teaching Professor Conference 
  • Jennifer Travis (SJC) to attend the Northeast Modern Language Association and Digital Humanities workshops


  • Samantha Jellinek-Cohen (PHM) to attend the Teaching Professor Conference
  • Nissa Mazzola (PHM) to attend the Best Teachers Summer Institute: What the Best College Teachers Do
  • Jagannath Muzumdar (PHM) to attend the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media
  • Simcha Pollack (TCB) to develop his video editing skills in preparing videos for his students


  • Theresa Pactwa (TCB) to attend two MATLAB training seminars in June 2013
  • Angel Christine (SJC) to take courses within the Society of American Archivists (SAA) digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Curriculum and Certificate program


  • Patrick Walden (SJC) attended a two-day online course on DVD production offered by Lodestone Digital.


  • Octavia Davis (ICS) and Kathryn Shaughnessy (LIB) participated in the Online Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies Workshop to explore best practices and various software tools for social-tagging to make information more accessible.
  • Jennifer Travis (SJC) joined the Sloan Consortium to further develop her online pedagogy skills.


  • Ikuko Fujiwara, Sharon Marshal, Anna Rita Napoleone, and Sophia Bell (ICS) to attend the NSRF New Coaches Training to develop skills for supporting collaborative faculty development.


  • Natalie Byfield (SJC) to attend the Herstory Writers Workshop in Summer 2009 so that she can incorporate the Herstory writing approach into her sociology classes.
  • Amy King (SJC) to attend the “Prehistory for Victorians” workshop at Cambridge University with the aim of developing curricular materials for her Victorian Science, Poetry and Prose course.


  • Steven Graham  (SJC) to increase students’ success rate in organic chemistry by using the See-Think-Predict Pedagogy and document their progress through video taping.
  • Charles Wankel  (TCB) to create a Second Life Virtual space for students in his management courses.


  • Mauricio Borrero  (SJC) to attend the Summer Institute on Oral History and the Oral History Association Conference in order to integrate oral history into his undergraduate teaching and develop a graduate course in Oral History.
  •  Florin Catrina  (SJC) to attend the course, WeBWorK2: An Internet-based system for generating and delivering homework, at the Joint Mathematics meeting.
  • Judith Cramer  (CPS) to attend the Poynter Institute seminar to help develop a converged journalism curriculum.
  • Sue Ford (PHM) to attend Adobe Flash training courses offered in the Aquent Graphics Institute to create educational games for her students. 
  • Marc Gillespie (PHM) to attend the Mac OS Server Essentials Program to learn the skills necessary to configure an informatics server for use by faculty and students.


  • James Bethea (EDU) to attend a Podcast Academy at Boston University and then use podcasting in an online course, Foundations of Rehabilitation; also share this technology with other faculty.A
  • Anne M. Dranginis (SJC) to attend the Computation Genomics course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and to develop ways to use these approaches in her course, Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology.
  • Olgas Hilas (PHM) to attend the Cultural Competency Program for Trainers in Seattle and to build a Cultural Competency Program at St. John’s.
  • Susie J. Pak (SJC) to attend a workshop on Social Network Analysis (SNA) at the University of Essex and to use this approach in a course on the history of modernization and globalization; also share her knowledge with other faculty.


  • Smita Guha (EDU) to attend the National Educational Computing Conference and then use electronic applications to facilitate effective learning and assessment strategies.
  • Steve Mentz (SJC) to attend the Technologies of Writing and Research Seminar at the Folger Shakespeare Library to further his work on relating the social and intellectual changes wrought by the printing press to the changes taking place now due to the introduction of electronic information technologies.
  • Stephen Miller (SJC) to attend the West Chester University Poetry Conference and learn about new methods of teaching poetic forms applicable to his creative writing and poetry courses.
  • Simcha Pollack (TCB) to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as part of his work on developing a teaching tool for diagnosing students' weaknesses in mathematics.


  • Chris Bazinet (SJC) to attend a workshop on bioinformatics.
  • Nancy Becker (SJC) to attend a three-day workshop on usability research and testing of library resources.
  • Angela Belli (SJC) to attend a “Disability Studies and the University” conference sponsored by the Modern Language Association and Emory University.
  • Rehana Patel (SJC) to participate in a 2004-2005 Project NexT Fellowship on teaching sponsored  by the Mathematical Association of America.


  • Keith Carrington (CPS) to attend the 5th Annual WebCT User Conference.
  • Denise Rompilla (SJC) to attend the annual meeting of the American Museum Association and the annual conference of the College Art Association Work with curators and historians.


  • William Reisel (TCB) to participate in a SAP Training Course to integrate this software into the TCB curriculum.


  • James Gregory (EDU) to attend the 17th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning.
  • Veronica Henry (PHM) to participate in a Online Learning course on “Aseptic Technique.”
  • Alison Hyslop (SJC) to attend a Chautauqua Workshop on “Process Workshops: A New Model for the Science Classroom.”
  • Judith Krauss (CPS) to attend a workshop on “An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Critical Thinking and the Art of Instruction” sponsored by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.
  • Mark Terjesen (SJC) to attend the Project Kaleidoscope 2001 summer institute which focused on undergraduate research.


  • Fr. Peter Albano (SJC) to attend the Science and Religion Course Program sponsored by the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences in Oxford, England to develop a groundbreaking course in Religion and Science.
  • Valerie Englander and Ralph Terregrosa (CBA) to attend the Fifth Annual Conference on Innovation in Instruction for Business and Related Disciples in Las Vegas, Nevada to improve the quality of instruction in their business classes.
  • Marc Gillespie (PHM) will use the grant to enhance the laboratory component of the Human Anatomy and Physiology courses.
  • Robert Mockler (CBA) to attend the information Resources Management Association’s International Conference in Anchorage, Alaska to develop a new graduate-level MIS/MS track.
  • Emilio Squillante (PHM) to attend a program at the Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America in Houston, Texas to update the laboratory exercises on that more accurately reflect those likely to be encountered in today’s practice.
  • Sherry Vellucci (University Libraries) to attend the Digital Distance Education/Continuing Education Institute at San Jose University in California to develop two fully-online courses.
  • Matthew Wong (CBA) to attend the Case Teaching Workshop at the Harvard Business School to assist him in revising an advanced corporate finance course.


  • Barrett Brenton (SJC) to use the grant to assist him in the development of an Online Anthropology Teaching Lab.
  • Vickie Harvey (SJC) to participate in the annual faculty development conference sponsored by the National Communication Association, with the goal of enhancing her skills in the classroom.
  • Joseph Marotta (CPS) to attend the NEMLA Conference.
  • Claire O’Donoghue (CPS) to participate in the National Council of Teachers of English Summer Institute for Teachers of Literature to assist her integrating critical thinking and persuasive writing in her online courses.
  • Jack Raisner (CBA) to attend the Syllabus99 Annual Conference to assist him in developing web-based courses and supplements.