Dr. Christoforou's Article was Featured in the Editor's Pick of the NMSBA's “Neuromarketing Year Book 2019” as one of the Most Impactful Papers in the Field!

Christoforos Christoforou
March 11, 2020

Dr. Christoforou's article titled “Your Brain on the Movies: A Computational Approach for Predicting Box-office Performance from Viewer's Brain Responses to Movie Trailers” published in the top-tier, peer-reviewed journal of “Frontiers in Neuroinformatics” was featured in the Editor's pick of the NMSBA's “Neuromarketing Year Book 2019” as one of the most impactful papers in the field. The publication stems from Dr. Christoforou's research on "Neurally-informed Predictive Modeling and Artificial intelligence".  In the paper, Dr. Christoforou proposes a novel machine learning approach for extracting neuronal signatures of participants while consuming video content to predict the population-wide behavior of moviegoers on new movie releases. The study results show a significant predictive power of the resulting neural-metrics and show how these neuronal signatures are correlated with cognitive processes of attention, the encoding of long-term memory, and the synchronization of areas of the brain's reward network. Beyond the practical implication in predicting and understanding the behavior of moviegoers, the proposed approach can facilitate the use of video stimuli in neuroscience research, such as the study of individual differences in attention-deficit disorders, and the study of desensitization to media violence.

The publication attracted the interest of several researchers in the field of computer science, machine learning, and neuroscience. It ranks among the top 15% of all frontier publications counting more than 7000 reads and downloads and have been cited several times by independent researchers around the world.

Click here to read the full publication: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fninf.2017.00072/full