Dr. Bernard A. Jones, CPS Assistant Professor: General Session & Breakout Session Presenter at SURGE 2018

Produced by: Dr. Bernard A. Jones

November 29, 2018

Dr. Bernard A. Jones served as a general & breakout session presenter at SURGE 2018, Assurance Software Inc.’s Customer/User Conference held at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Surge 2018, Lafayette Hill, PA – October 28, 29 & 30. 

Assurance Software, a leading provider of comprehensive business continuity management and disaster recovery software and services, hosted its inaugural SURGE 2018 customer conference October 28-30.  SURGE 2018 was a 3-day business resiliency educational conference where Assurance software customers shared best practices and celebrate achievements during this inaugural customer conference.

During the conference, attendees learned about new and upcoming software innovations and services while guest speakers provided examples of business continuity best practices and Assurance customers shared successes enabled by their software applications.

Dr. Jones provided a general session presentation entitled: “Measuring Organizational Resilience Theories & Tools.” His presentation continued the important conversation on organizational resilience including the theory and rich history regarding the topic, its importance within emergency management and business continuity preparedness and how organizations can benefit in learning their organizational resilience strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Jones also led a breakout session entitled: “A Deeper Dive into Organizational Resilience Key Indicators.” He facilitated an interactive and fun workshop which included a review of the (13) established “resilience indicators” as well as the introduction of (3) new resilience indicators (communication, coordination and collaboration) which are part of the post-doctoral research that Dr. Jones is currently conducting.