Over 700 Staten Island Students Visit CareerCon 2018 at St. John’s University Staten Island Campus

March 13, 2018

On Monday, February 26, over 700 Staten Island high school students spent a beautiful day at St. John’s University, Staten Island, participating in CareerCon 2018. Ninety-five employers set up tables in the gym for a career fair that informed students about internship and summer job opportunities. Representatives of the businesses and agencies helped students understand the range of careers that are available to them and the education and skills required to pursue those careers.

Each student had the opportunity to participate in a breakout session, choosing one of 27 different topics. Among the most popular presentations was “College: The Real Deal,” a panel discussion with students from College of Staten Island, St. John’s University and Wagner College, discussing student life. The “Careers in Business” had a diverse panel of business leaders and academics talking about the wide variety of careers that fall under that category. “Careers in Health Care” was the most popular presentation, with panelists sharing their expertise in the areas of nursing, pharmacy, biomedical technology and toxicology. 

A highlight of this year’s CareerCon was a presentation by State Senator and St. John’s alumna, Diane Savino, and Mayoral representative Amoy Barnes on the rewards of public service.  Ms. Barnes stated, “As a member of the Mayor’s office, I strive to accomplish our goal of equity and excellence for all students. The Staten Island High School CareerCon provided an opportunity for young people to learn about different employment opportunities within their community and to beyond. It was great to see so many community partners collaborating with the DOE to bring these goals to fruition.”

NYS Regent Christine Cea met with students and enjoyed the Career Fair. “I was so pleased to spend the morning at CareerCon,” Regent Cea commented on CareerCon. “Providing our high school students with information that they can use to begin planning for life after graduation is so important. These transitions can be confusing and exposure to career and college opportunities while still in school can provide direction and ease the transition process for them.”

CareerCon, now in its fourth year, is a partnership between NYC DOE Staten Island Field Support Center, School District 31, St. John’s University Career Services office and the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.  St. John’s would like to thank 30,000 Degrees, Wagner College, College of Staten Island (CUNY), United Activities Unlimited and the Sisterhood of Women’s Organizations for their help and support. CareerCon is supported in part by the New York State My Brother’s Keeper Grant and New York City Council members Joseph Borelli, Steven Matteo, and Debi Rose.

Kevin Moran, Executive Director, NYC DOE Staten Island Field Support Center said, “This event advances the Mayor and the Chancellor’s Equity and Excellence Agenda by providing students with the opportunity to connect with academics, business and government leaders to enrich their understanding of the varied career paths open to them. Opening doors to college and career success for our students is our highest priority.”

St. John’s Associate Provost and Director of Civic Affairs, Robert Fanuzzi said, “St. John’s focuses like a laser beam on college students’ career preparation.  Having partners like 30,000 Degrees, District 31 and the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce lets us bring our mission to Staten Island’s youth.  CareerCon has become a proud tradition on our Staten Island campus.”


“St. John’s University Career Services recognizes that career development and career planning should not start only after high school graduation – it begin well before that,” added Jocelyn Coalter, Director of University Career Services. “It is an honor to host and help plan this wonderful event for the third time, and to see how it has evolved and become more meaningful and engaging for the students each year.”

The members of the CareerCon partnership are looking forward eagerly to beginning the planning for next year’s CareerCon.


For more information contact:

Mirtza Rene

Staten Island Field Support Center

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