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Wine and Beer Tasting Add a Special Touch to a Popular St. John's Event

Monday, August 12, 2013

During the past two decades Long Island wineries have achieved a reputation for producing some of the world’s most unique wines. And with the establishment of a number of local breweries, an increasing variety of new and unique beers are being produced in the greater New York area.

Nearly 150 St. John’s University alumni and friends had an opportunity to sample some of these regional selections at a special wine and beer tasting prior to the 15th Annual Great Lawn Summer Concert pre-event barbeque.

“This is a night of conviviality,” remarked Joseph Sciame ’71Ed, Vice President for Community Relations. “It’s great to see our alumni coming back to campus and enjoying themselves on a beautiful summer evening. Everyone’s having a great time, which is what usually happens when the St. John’s family gets together. And the wine and beer tasting makes this barbeque even better.”

Not surprisingly, many of those attending were long-time supporters of the University. Some were members of The Loughlin Society, St. John’s premier donor recognition group, while others have shown their generosity by including the University in their estate plans as members of The McCallen Society. Whether they graduated decades ago or are among our younger alumni, their connection to the University remains strong.

And they all agree that St. John’s events are fun!

An evening of fun was what Ingrid Gerber ’90MBA  was hoping for when she decided to attend what has become a very popular summer alumni event. She also saw it as the perfect way to introduce her 11 year-old grandson to her St. John’s family.

“I want to give my grandson a real feel for what this wonderful University is all about,” she said. “We’re having a good time, and if he has any questions about St. John’s after wards I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can. Coming here tonight is one way for me to keep my love for St. John’s alive in my own family.” 

The casual atmosphere of the barbeque definitely added to the sense of closeness that is always found at St. John’s events. Our alumni know that, in addition to reconnecting with old friends, they’re showing their appreciation to the University that is still very much a part of their lives.

Describing himself as a music lover, Emmet Agoglia ’58L was glad for the opportunity to give back to St. John’s while enjoying a night of good music with good friends. 

“Being here tonight is another way for me to have a good time with my fellow alumni while supporting the University,” he said. “I’m a member of both The Loughlin Society and The McCallen Society and have brought my grandchildren with me when I volunteer at St. John’s Bread and Life. Tonight’s about having a good time, but for me it’s also about keeping the University’s mission strong. St. John’s is doing a great job, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”