Creating a Legacy that Lasts for Generations

July 9, 2013

Fate sometimes acts in mysterious ways, especially for Andrew ('62CB) and Ellen Murphy '62G, '72GEd. Both alumni of St. John's University, Andrew received his undergraduate degree on the same day that Ellen received her first graduate degree, a reality that would only become apparent nearly 20 years later after the couple had met and were planning to marry. "Although we both went to St. John's and got our degrees on the very same day, we were definitely not your typical college couple," Ellen says.

Andrew and Ellen have fond memories of their days at St. John's, and the bond to alma mater has grown even stronger since the couple has retired, he from accounting and she from teaching.  Their membership in The McCallen Society and The Loughlin Society allows them to take part in many events and share good times with other alumni and friends of the University. 

"I have always been very happy with the education I received at St. John's," noted Andrew fondly. "It gave me the education I needed to get the job I wanted."  Besides being an alumnus, he strengthened his ties to St. John's even further by spending a few years in the classroom as a member of the University's adjunct faculty.

Andrew and Ellen have no children, so when they decided to make plans for their estate they both agreed that they wanted to remember the University that means so much to them.  "I was a teacher and always felt that although I didn't have children of my own, the children in my classroom were really like mine," Ellen remarked.  "I always felt that I would do everything that I could to leave them with an impression that would stay with them forever.  I feel the same way about the students at St. John's."

Andrew agreed that sharing their estate with the University was a meaningful way to do something for the young men and women who were just like they were during their student days.  It creates a legacy of which they can both be proud.

"When you do something for young people, you have a chance to make a lasting difference in our world," he said thoughtfully.  "A gift to St. John's really gives us 20,000 children, and makes an impact that will last for generations."

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