Lewis Avenue Alumni Helping to Fulfill Dreams for Students Today

July 7, 2013

Anyone familiar with the history of St. John's University knows that it was established in 1870 in a small farmhouse in Brooklyn. As the University grew in size and stature, that early location evolved into the Lewis Avenue campus, located at the intersection of Lewis and Willoughby Avenues.

Although that historic campus no longer exists as part of the University, for the past 53 years our Lewis Avenue alumni have maintained their connection to each other by gathering for the annual Lewis Avenue Alumni Reunion. They also remain committed to supporting St. John's by reaching out to the young men and women who are today following in their footsteps, primarily through their support of the Fr. Cyril Meyer Lewis Avenue Alumni Scholarship.

The scholarship has made a decided impact on the lives of many students who would otherwise be unable to pursue their dream of a St. John's education.

A Life Touched
One such student is Katherine Santana '13C, an Environmental Studies major in St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. According to this hard-working sophomore, the scholarship, "…is an investment in my future. It has helped keep me motivated when I thought [that] continuing at St. John's University was not possible. I feel blessed because of everything I have been able to accomplish so far. I've grown to be an ambitious and dedicated student, learning that what you put into life is what you'll get in return."

How You Can Make an Impact
There is no doubt that the generosity of our Lewis Avenue alumni will be making a difference in the lives of our students for generations to come. You, too, can make a big difference to future St. John's students by including a gift to us in your will or setting up a St. John's charitable gift annuity. Both gifts are simple and allow you to ensure the future security of your number one priority—your family.

If you're interested in telling your St. John’s story, please contact Kathleen Mannion, Assistant Director of Gift Planning at 718-990-5312 or [email protected].