'Buried Life' Cast Inspires STJ Students to Pursue Their Dreams

February 17, 2012

Every dream is within reach, more than 800 St. John’s students learned when the cast of MTV’s “The Buried Life” came to the Queens campus on February 15.

The stars of the extremely successful series came to St. John’s as part of “The Buried Life Mega Tour,” a cross-country trip based on the show’s premise: cast members slashing items from their personal “bucket lists” while helping complete strangers to fulfill their own goals. The Department of Student Life and Student Government co-sponsored the event.

“After listening to the cast speak, I was inspired to create a bucket list myself,” said Farrell Thomas ’13C, who was among the students gathered in Carnesecca Arena. “Whether it involves helping others or accomplishing something I’ve always wanted to do, I will make a point of doing it before it’s too late.”

The tour takes the show to different colleges and universities chosen in a nationwide contest. St. John’s was among the winners. The first 200 students to arrive at Carnesecca Arena were invited to a special meet-and-greet with the cast after the event.

Alysha Velez, Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Life, met with the cast. “I was so energized,” she said. “It motivated me to pursue what I want in life and not let fear stop me. I have a bucket list, but I view (the items) as dreams. These men showed me the sky is the limit!”
(Experience the event in this video.)

Overcoming Obstacles and Fulfilling Dreams

During two seasons on MTV, the show’s cast members achieved a number of notable goals, including playing basketball with President Obama, telling a joke on late night television and asking a celebrity on a date. The wishes they help strangers fulfill often have a deeper meaning: for example, locating a long-lost loved one or shedding light on a worthy cause.

The show has received many awards celebrating its dedication to making a positive difference in people’s lives, and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity.

Catherine Neira ’12CPS was excited by their visit. “‘The Buried Life’ has inspired me to work harder to achieve my goals,” she said.
“The premise of the show not only parallels the values of the University but inspires others to achieve their own dreams,” observed John Marchi ’13TCB. “By bringing the cast to St. John’s, Student Government hopes students will focus on one of their dreams and try to accomplish it before graduation.”

“As a senior, it's intimidating entering the ‘real world,’” said Ellen McBurney ’12C. “But the cast of ‘The Buried Life’ reminded me that I really can accomplish anything, and I should never be afraid to fight for what I want.”