A Call for Unity and Hope Prayer Service

Although social distancing prevents us from coming together to be of one mind and heart, we can achieve solidarity through faith. I invite you to join with your fellow Johnnies for a prayer service, “A Call for Unity and Hope.”

A Call for Unity and Hope Prayer Service

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As people of faith, how do we effectively voice our thoughts and feelings about the injustices that are ingrained in our society? How do we express our solidarity with those who are oppressed? How do we unite in our heartache and anger? How do we turn our words into meaningful, life-changing actions?

Through his senseless killing, George Floyd answered these questions as he took his last breath; this breath removed the scales from our eyes so we now recognize the scores of injustices committed against people of color. His last breath calls us to unite with one another in reconciliation, to uphold the intrinsic value of the dignity of human life, and to respect the uniqueness of each God-created individual.   

The prayer service is not meant to be a substitute for working toward a just society for all, but to strengthen our resolve to end racism. With God’s grace, we will accomplish the tough work of uniting in hope and peace.  

God bless you,

Rev. Bernard M. Tracey, C.M. '70C
Executive Vice President for Mission