Vincentian Mission Orientation

The Vincentian Mission Orientation (VMO) one-day sessions are held periodically throughout the year for full and part-time employees of the University. 

Participants are recruited from all departments and extended to new and existing employees, allowing for the existing employees to "reminisce" and share their experiences since they have been at the University, and for the new employees to share their enthusiasm and "awe" as they begin to understand the mission.  It also allows for more discussion/interaction because of the larger size of the group.   

A typical VMO session is facilitated by the University Mission Officer, the Vice President for Campus Ministry, and a member of the University's Vincentian Center for Church and Society.  The Catholic and Vincentian components of the mission are reviewed in light of the life and ministry of St. Vincent de Paul.  Discussions also focus on the core values of the Vincentian Family, and the promotion of the mission through collaboration and service.  Various guest speakers are featured in each session - typically current St. John's employees - who share their personal understanding and experience of the mission with the VMO participants.  The orientation also includes a segment on the Metropolitan aspects of the mission by detailing the history and significance of each of St. John's campuses around the world, and how they represent and contribute to the Catholic and Vincentian components of the mission. 

For additional information, please contact Lucy Pesce, Executive Director for Mission at 718-990-3004 or [email protected]