Featured AS-L Assignments

The Office of Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) is available to serve you as we prepare to serve our communities virtually.  Please visit our virtual AS-L opportunities on GivePulse.  We look forward to working with all of you and wish you a happy, healthy semester.

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This section highlights some of the most interesting AS-L experiences from past semesters. 

Inside/Out Prison Exchange (SOC 2010) with Dr. Judith Ryder

Dr. Judith Ryder has helped to create a dynamic partnership between SJU and Queensboro State Prison with a course that brings our “outside” students together with those “inside” in order to gain a deep understanding of crime, justice and social inequality. This Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) project promotes the dignity and worth of all people, especially the poor and marginalized, which is at the heart of our SJU Mission. As part of the AS-L component of the course the students learned to build bridges from the inside out.

Photo of the graduation ceremony from the program.


Introduction to Hearing Science (CSD 1740) with Dr. Shruti Deshpande

Dr. Deshpande's students conducted Hearing Loss Awareness Workshops at elementary and middle school students the Immaculate Conception School. The Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology majors in the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders spread awareness about hearing conservation and combat an increase in hearing loss among young people due to the rise of smartphone technology and most recently virtual learning. St. John’s students taught children about the anatomy and physiology behind hearing, enlightened the students on the impact of hearing loss on speech perception and quality of life, as well as on the effects of noise on hearing conservation. Read more about one of the projects Dr. Deshpande's students partook in here. Read more about Dr. Deshpande's research here.

A student delivering a portion of the workshop at the Immaculate Conception School.


Multidisciplinary STEM AS-L Project (Scientific Inquiry 1000C; Chemistry 1321L & 1323L; Calculus 11730; Physics 1940)

A 100-student cohort enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related classes collaborated on making solar cells that power cell phones and computers. Students who participated in this project merged STEM and service readiness in an Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) activity. The students learned the basic skills necessary to create solar-powered cell phone chargers and then constructed them. The students then worked in groups to test and package the chargers, created an instruction sheet, and a final video reflection. This project provided students a research experience while serving our greater community to increase student retention through a collaborative effort and demonstrate the value of STEM to improve the human condition. The solar cells were sent to Escuela Botijas #1, in Orocovis Puerto Rico, a school attended by 200 children grades K- 9. Click here to view the news clip and here to read the magazine article. In most recent semesters the students participating in the Multidisciplinary STEM AS-L project have created a solar powered well pump and water purification system for an indigenous community in Puerto Rico as well as developed solar personal protective equipment sanitation ovens to create a more cost effective and sustainable way of sanitation during the pandemic. 




Management of Pediatric Dysphagia (CSD 341) with Dr. Nancy Colodny

Dr. Colodny’s Management of Pediatric Dysphagia class traveled to Antigua, Guatemala to serve medically fragile children with cleft lips, cleft palates, cerebral palsy, and other medical comorbidities whom have difficulty swallowing.  The group aimed to assist in making appropriate diet recommendations, appropriate bottle flow and spoon sizes, and positioning adjustments to ensure safe and adequate nutrition while reducing the risk of aspiration. Additionally, Dr. Colodny held workshops to educate the staff members at the facilities on the safe and appropriate feeding techniques that the group continued to implement. 2018 marked the 10th year since Dr. Colodny began bringing her students to serve in Guatemala. Dr. Colodny's commitment and dedication to service is valued by all at St. John's University and of course by our community partner in Guatemala. Click here to view the Summer 2017 program video. 

A group photo of student's and Dr. Colodny in Guatelmala.


Tobin College of Business Management Project (MGT 2301 and MGT 4329)

Students in Sophomore and Senior level Management courses in the Tobin College of Business work with one community service site per semester; based on an organizational need identified by the site at the beginning of the semester (e.g. Human Resource issues, client retention, and organizational growth), the sophomore students propose solutions in the form of a management plan.  The following semester the senior students continue working with that same organization to develop a short term strategic plan to move forward and/or implement some of the  recommendations proposed by the sophomores.  To date the students have worked with organizations Queens Community House, Life of Hope, National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, The Variety Boys and Girls Club, Northshore Learning Center, YWCA of Queens, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Ronald McDonald House of New York, Ortlieb Foundation, New Life Community Development Corporation and Momma’s House to name a few.

Students presenting their management solutions to the client.


Copywriting II (ADV 3301) with Prof. Neil Feinstein

Students in Prof. Feinstein’s Copywriting II course create unique electronic advertising portfolios for a different non-profit client each semester. The class has worked with such organizations as City Harvest, Ronald McDonald House of NY, St. Mary's Children's Hospital, Habitat for Humanity etc. The non-profit client walks away with a variety of electronic advertising portfolios to use in their future marketing/advertising campaigns.  

Student presenting his advertising portfolio in front of classmates, Prof. Feinstein and the client.


Principles of Marketing (MKT 2301) & Marketing of Financial Service (MKT 3321) with Prof. Maggiore

Prof. Maggiore’s Principles of Marketing classes and Marketing of Financial Service class work on marketing and development plans for various organizations including:  Prevent Child Abuse New York, The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, Mission Take Heart, Life of Hope and Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. At the end of the semester each organization attended student presentations and received unique marketing and development plans ready for implementation. Life of Hope, one of the community partners - is a  non-profit organization that supports immigrants in the Central Brooklyn community co-founded by Porez Luxama an alumnus of St. John's University who took the Vincentian Mission to heart and is serving his community even long after graduation.

A group photo of students in Prof. Maggiore's class posing with a heart symbol made with their hands, together with Soha Sidhom from Mission Take Heart and Anna Zak from AS-L.