Ciel Joseph

I am an international student from Trinidad and Tobago in the Pharm.D. program on track to graduate in 2027. I chose to attend the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS) at St. John’s University because of their six-year Pharm.D. program. This program truly resonates with me as the College adheres to the University’s Vincentian mission. At CPHS, we seek to become compassionate pharmacists who aim to understand and alleviate the effects of injustice and poverty in the field of medicine. 

Working closely with the underserved in a country where health care was free but access to medicine was not, I yearned to help people maintain their treatment. However, my once naïve perspective gradually changed as I realized that even the most altruistic of pharmacists cannot sustain a business where drugs are distributed for free. I realize there are ways to make the process easier for those who cannot afford medicine—and I am currently searching for ways this can be accomplished so I can help those in need.

I am involved in several student pharmacy organizations on campus and I also participate in the St. Vincent de Paul Society. I enjoy running, painting, water sports, and my fair share of Netflix shows.