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Communication Arts, Bachelor of Science

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120 Credits
College of Professional Studies
Queens Campus, Staten Island Campus


Our 120-credit program offers maximum flexibility, so that you can tailor your courses to fit your career goals.  So, planning your course schedule, takes careful thought and arrangement.  In preparation for entering a rapidly converging media world, you should explore a broad range of media:

  • Social and mobile media
  • Media Graphics 
  • Advertising
  • Radio/Recording Industry
  • Public Relations
  • Television
  • Journalism
  • Film

This “generalist” approach prepares graduates to take advantage of ever-changing employment opportunities in the media industry.

Students are required to take courses in theory, production, writing for various media, media management, and aesthetics.

The media industry values professionals with strong business knowledge and skills.  This program, therefore, stresses courses in management, marketing and business administration. The heavy emphasis on business administration has enabled our graduates to find employment in the general business sector as well as media-related businesses.  Our graduates have this unique business background that other competing colleges do not offer their students. 

Internships are crucial to studying and experiencing the media industry, and our close proximity to New York City, the media capital of the world, strengthens the degree and further prepares students for a highly diverse and competitive, rapidly changing media environment. Juniors and Seniors can take internships for credit. Our students have also earned academic credit travelling to India, Paris and Russia to study the communication industries in those countries.


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Department Faculty

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Contact Information

Dr. Candice D Roberts, Director
Communication Arts (Queens campus)
[email protected]

Dr. Deborah Greh, Director
Communication Arts Program (Staten Island Campus)
[email protected]

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Career Outcomes

An internship is a unique and powerful experience which offers you the opportunity to work with a Communications organization in television, advertising, radio, sales, magazine publishing, public relations, sports, talent agencies and more.  Our graduates are currently employed by the major television networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, ESPN, HBO, MTV, National Cinemedia, and Sony Music.  They are also working at local television and radio stations, and for several advertising and public relations agencies.

Additional Information

You can select from a number of different minor program areas that complement the Communication Arts major.  All require that you earn 15-24 credits in department-designated courses.

The B.S. in Communication Arts is a general degree.  The option to unofficially declare an area of concentration is intended to offer Communication Arts students the opportunity to develop a special “expertise” in one or two areas that they can share with prospective employers and graduate programs. These areas include Advertising Communication, Business Administration, Journalism, Public Relations, and Media Graphics and require that you earn 12 credits in program-designated courses.

Three 5-year Programs
You can earn a B.S. in Communication Arts AND a graduate degree in just 5 years:

  • B.S./M.S. in Communication Arts/International Communication
  • B.S./M.A. in Communication Arts/Government and Politics
  • B.S./M.A. in Communication Arts/Sociology

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